I remember working the nightshift the other night at a local McDonalds

I had to fill in for my friend Keira who called in sick, This night was probably one of the most terrifying nights I have ever worked. It was dead around 11pm as I was asked by the manager to sweep the floors until a customer came in. One customer came in and he looked a bit rough, Bald long rusty beard glasses sandals and just clothes that had stains on them. I go over to the register and say “Hello can I get you anything” He said “Yes Can I have a large coffee please” I take his order and give him his coffee I tell him “Have a wonderful night sir” and he smiles.

I go to sweep the floor again as I see this man sitting a bit close to where I would be sweeping which is usually under the tables and just around the floor, When I reached his table he says “Your very beautiful” I smile and say “Thank you very much” He says “Can I give you a ride home when you get off work?” I say “No thank you I have a ride home.” He became the opposite of the nice man that I took the order from to just pure rude. He tells me “Whats your schedule?” I said “Im not allowed to give that information out sorry” He takes his coffee and goes back outside.

The next night after that Keira and I worked together and my other guy friend Jack. I told Keira about the guy from the night before and she gave me a weird facial expression. Jack comes over to me and says “Monica is everything okay?” I tell him about the guy from the night before and he gave me the look of terror what he said to me ran chills down my spine Jack said “That man called the restaurant earlier and asked about you.” My blood ran cold as I saw the man walk back into the restaurant.” Keira’s face went pale and Jack’s jaw was dropped.

My stomach turned in knots as I say “Hello Can I Get You Anything Tonight?” He says “No. But Can I Take You Home?” Jack steps out and says “No she aint going anywhere with you, Get out of here before I call the cops.” The manager got pissed off at Jack for leaving his position as the drive thru window while keria was frying burgers. Jack agreed to switch positions with me until the morning crew came in. The manager asked me to take the trash outside I nervously said “Okay…” Jack on the other hand was pissed that the manager asked me to do it, Jack was nice enough to take it for me. I stayed by inside and Jack comes in and pulls me to the janitors closet and says “That guy was waiting for you in his truck with 5 other big guys in there” I felt sick to my stomach when he said that.

Jack informs the manager and The Manager like the fucking asshole that she was says “He’s not gonna hurt anyone, He’s harmless get back to work.” The next morning me and Jack worked together and my other co-worker Taylor informs me that the man has came back and told her my schedule and he will wait for me to come back in today. I got sick of it til I saw him come in. Jack being the good friend that he was told him to get the fuck out of the restaurant and to never come back again or else he would call the cops, Jack lost his job cause of this but to me he was just looking out for me… I fucking cried when Jack lost his job cause I know Keira and I would be working alone without anyone else there to protect us. But I never saw the man again after that. I quit my job at McDonalds and so did Keira. Me Jack and Keira now live in the same apartment building and work at a grocery store.

I dont know what could have happened to me If I took out the trash that night and not Jack… Im just happy I never get to see that creep again.


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