My fiancé, Will, and I stayed in upstate New York a couple of weeks ago for a mini getaway. The hotel was pretty dingy, but the price was right and they had smoking rooms. One night we had gotten back from dinner, around 11 pm, when Will decided he wanted a soda. The hotel didn’t have any elevators so we started the trek to the lower level vending machines.

Once we got to the first floor, we started walking down this longgg hallway (think The Shining) when I see an open hotel room door. While passing, I glance inside and see an older woman standing in the middle of the dark room pulling at her hair with her fists with a huge smile on her face. I instantly start having a mini panic attack. I look to Will and he obviously hadn’t seen this deranged woman. Will says ‘I think we’re walking the wrong way, let’s turn around.’ We turn around and walk back by her room, but I don’t look inside.

We keep walking down this insanely long hallway and when we’re far enough down I whisper, ‘Baby, there’s something going on in one of those rooms. Something’s not right.’ He stops walking to ask me about it when we see a sign for the vending machines and they’re back by that fucking room. We turn to walk BACK down the hallway when we see an arm sticking out from the woman’s room and waving around slowly. Not waving hello exactly, just very slowly wobbling back and forth. Then her door slams shut and we hear all the locks click.

I start freaking out more and saying I don’t want to go back there, but Will says the room is next to the lobby and an attendant is there so if anything happens we can just run to the desk. We walk back by the room and make it to the vending machines – in a little closet type room right off of the lobby.

I start putting change in the machine and of course I only have nickels and dimes so it’s taking me forever. All of a sudden I get that feeling that someone is staring at me. I turn to the doorway and the woman is standing there with this huge smile on her face just staring at us. What really creeped me out is that we had to walk through 3 heavy doors to get to this room which means she had purposefully silently snuck through. Will and I just freeze and stare straight ahead pretending like we don’t see her. I’ve stopped putting change in the machine at this point and just look like a statue. Then she starts giggling. A high pitch little girl giggle. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her put her hands over her mouth like a schoolgirl. I start silently crying. I’m frozen to the spot just listening to this old, crazy lady giggling like a 5 year old while staring at me.

Then she just turned around and walked away. Will grabs the soda and we book it out of there. We ran all the way back down the long hallway, up 4 flights of stairs and into our room while looking over our shoulders the entire time. I propped a chair under the door and couldn’t sleep the entire night. Didn’t see the woman the next morning. So deranged woman in the NY hotel, please, please let’s never meet again.


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