First time poster here, so please be kind for any spelling errors and such!

As a bit of backstory, I was working at a small chain motel in the midwest, as a night auditor. So my hours were normally 11:00PM to 8:00AM. With those kinds of hours, and being a woman, I’m bound to have some weird stories. The scariest time I’ve ever had woking there happened within my first month.

So, it was a little before my shift started, and because I was single and 22, I was on Tinder before work. I match with this guy who seems cool. A little goth/alternative, and into ouija boards and Tarot, which is my type, so I was hype at the time. We talk for a bit, and I tell him I have to go to work. We say goodbye.

Now, that night was my first night off training, so I was running the motel by myself for 9 hours. I was already a little nervous, but then this vaguely familiar guy comes up to the front desk and asks for me by name. In my head I’ve got red flags BLARING at me, because this dude is weird. Not by looks, but just by vibe. I tell him that I’m me, and he explains that he was the guy from Tinder, and he saw that i was less than a mile away, so he went to see if i was possibly working at HIS HOTEL. That’s right, this guy was staying where I worked. Red flag #2.

I stay behind the comfort of my desk for TWO hours, because this guy won’t stop talking to me. Mostly about how his ex left him, and how he beat people up, and how he wanted to bang me. Needless to say, I was uncomfortable, and this hadn’t happened to me before in a work environment, so I did NOT know what to do. He finally decided to go to bed (2-3AM) and I take a much needed smoke break.

I go outside, and right after I spark up, guess who shows up? Creepy dude. I snooped a bit on his account, and he was a painter and was doing work locally, so he wasnt from here. He tells me about where he’s from, and keeps getting closer and closer to me. He asks if he can smoke weed, which i said yes to so hed get away from me. I showed him where the cameras weren’t, and he pulled me in, smelled my neck, and started grabbing my ass. I swiftly hit him, and told him he better not fucking touch me. I threw my cigarette on the ground, And grab my phone to call my boss before going inside. Creepy dude RIPS the phone from my hand, and proceeds to text himself. NOW HE HAD MY NUMBER.

First thing he sends me is a grotesque picture of his extremely body-modded penis. I have seen some penis in my day, but that was like nothing I had ever seen. Then, came the creepy bdsm porn gifs, with captions like “I cant wait to do this to you. You know what room I’m in”.

Now, I’m already freaking out, and I don’t know why I didnt call the cops, and my boss wasnt answering. So theres me in the back office having the panic attack of my life, when I get one more video. Why I clicked on it, I’ll never know. I refuse to say what I saw in detail, but ot was a snuff porn film. Very violent, very sexual. I then locked myself in the back room, cried, and waited a few hours, before proceeding to make hotel breakfast.

The texts went on for a few days, until I had enough, and got the balls to tell my boss. He immediately kicked out Creepy Dude, and banned him from our hotel. His company is not even allowed to book with that hotel anymore. In hindsight, I should have called the police, but I was too scared.

Creepy Dude, let’s never meet again.



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