The hotel I worked at was small, only 53 rooms in the entire place. It’s located next to downtown in a town in central Minnesota. As a night audit you worked by yourself with the shift being from 11 pm to 7 am. You don’t get many people checking into the hotel at night, 1-3 at the most.

The first duty as the night audit was to lock the doors so only guests could get in with their key. There is also a phone on the wall next to the main entrance in case someone arrives after he doors are locked or somebody orders pizza what have you. There is a front door in the lobby, a back door in the lobby, and two side doors. I proceeded to lock all of the doors and head into the back room behind the front desk to do laundry. As there is no staff on hand to do laundry another task for the night audit is to finish any remaining laundry that wasn’t finished during the day.

There is a cordless phone you can bring with you when going into the back or around the other parts of the hotel. We had no more scheduled check ins that night, but there was a couple of rooms available. I heard somebody try and open the front door, was unsuccessful and left.

Moments later I the phone rang and when I answered the other person did not talk right away. I walked up to the front desk and the other person finally started talking.

They went on a shpeel sayin they were a former cop and something about (forgive me this part is a bit fuzzy and I semi-blacked out do to fear) having court in the morning and that if they weren’t let in they were gonna come in and shoot me and that they were circling the hotel. There are windows that look out to the front of the hotel that is visible from the computer I had walked to during the phone call.

I told them I was sorry we didn’t have any rooms available and they hung up before I even finished my sentence. I looked out the window and there was a person standing across the street staring back at me with a phone in their hand. At this point I’m really freaking out and I go to all the doors to double check that they were all locked…

It was a good thing I checked because one of the side doors had been propped open with a door stop. Obviously I shut the door, and proceeded to go to a conference room with sight of where the person was standing. I kept the lights off and peeked through the blinds, but the person was gone.

I was pretty freaked out the rest of the night because there are windows pretty much everywhere in this hotel, so if this person was watching me they would be able to all night if they pleased.

So person who threatened to shoot me while I was working, let’s not meet.

Edit: Thanks all of you for your concern! I no longer work at the hotel due to complications of working overnights and being a full time college student as well.



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