This literally just happened a few moments ago. I’m a very skeptical person so I usually don’t get caught up thinking random people are out to mess with me but this scenario just really caught me off guard. Everything made sense and it nearly made me shiver when i realized it all in my head.

I work from home and my sleep schedule gets pretty backwards at times. This means I usually find myself getting hungry in the late hours of the night. At these times, usually past midnight, only a couple places are open. One of these is a 24/7 Carls Jr/Green Burrito restaurant. It’s the closest 24 hour fast food place from my house and I like their fried zucchini so I find myself going there a few times a week.

Whenever I go there past 1am or so, theres always this same guy, alone. Never have I gone there late and there been a different worker. Hes pretty tall, I’d estimate at least 6 feet, somewhat slim, and probably in his late 20s or early 30s. I think hes just white, but could also possible be armenian or some kind of lighter skinned middle eastern.

Anyways, it was just a couple of hours ago at 2:30 am when I decided I was going to go to the 24/7 Carls Jr for some food. When I arrived, they played the usual pre-recorded promotional offer and I said no thankyou. Then the guy on the speaker asked me if I could just pull up to the window. While I’ve never been asked this over a working speaker at any other fast food place, it didn’t really strike me as out of the ordinary.

I pulled up to the window and before placing my order, that guy, the one that is always there alone at this time, asks me if he can just change the battery on this device really quick. I couldn’t really tell exactly what it was but im guessing it had to do with the ordering system possibly. After a few minutes he comes to the window and asks for my order. I order a jalapendo double cheeseburger and a side of fried zucchini. I give him my card and after a minute or so he returns it.

Now I’ve ordered this same exact thing over 20 times, at this same exact time, while the same employee was working alone. Every single other time I ordered it, he had it finished in a few minutes at the most. Never did I have to wait longer than that. The first thing I noticed was that it was taking longer than usual. I had probably been waiting about 10 minutes at this point, at least twice as long as I ever waited for this fast food meal thats basically already prepared.

Then I noticed something a bit strange… When you look into the window where you pay, on the right side is the indoor counter with the cash registers, and on the left side is the kitchen area, with a dim window allowing you to see in. A couple minutes before I received my food, I saw the guy doing something on the far side of the room. I found it odd as he spent a couple minutes there and it looked like he was messing with something small. All of the food prep stations were in the room to the left and if he was putting the burger together I expect Id see a lot more arm movement. This is the first thing that seemed a bit strange to me…

This is where it really gets weird… I’ve ordered this same thing from this same guy quite a few times so the past few or so he’s thrown ranch into the bag without me asking. As he starts approaching the window with the bag of food, I turn over and clear as day, see him grab one … single ranch and toss it into the bag. It wouldn’t be until later that this detail became really creepy.

I drove home, brought the food into my room, sat at my desk, and started eating as I watched shows on my computer. Beside the food he also put in some napkins, a couple ketchup packets, and exactly 3 ranch cups (The kind that are a hard plastic cup with a plastic peel on top) I opened up a ranch cup so I could dip the fried zucchini in it. After a little while, I finished the burger, and most of the fried zucchini. There were only a couple left, but the ranch was gone so I decided to open another…

This was the moment…It all hit me at once like i was watching a good mystery show and I finally got the telling hint. This second ranch cup opened much…much too easy. I’ve eaten a good share of fast food in my life so I’ve opened tons of these cups of sauce. So when the plastic seal slid right open without any resistance whatsoever, I immediately knew something was off, and that important detail came rushing back into my head.

I, 100% clear as day, as the guy was approaching the window with the food, saw him grab only a SINGLE ranch and throw it into the bag. That memory was literally the first thing that came to my mind when I opened the second ranch cup. I quickly grabbed the 3rd and last ranch and I already knew what was going to happen. The plastic peeled right off…even easier than the first cup.

Instantly…All I could think about were the details… This order, the same order I’ve gotten 20 times in the past that took 5 minutes at the most every single time, took an entire 15 minutes this day. After about 10 minutes or so, I see the guy in the very back of the counter area, messing with something small for a couple minutes. It doesn’t seem like hes prepping food because hes only making slight movements with his arms…When he approaches me with the bag, I see him grab ONE ranch cup and toss it into the bag. Not only am I sure I saw this, I’m sure that he put sauce into the bag on two different occasions. As there was also ketchup in the bag and even if he somehow grabbed 3 ranches when it definitely looked like one, he didn’t also grab any ketchup at that time…I was looking right at him.

I know this all may sound coincidental, but I cant stop thinking about it as it makes… well, too much sense. Even though I saw him only throw one ranch into the bag, It never surprised me when I saw 3 ranches and a few ketchup packets in the bag. That’s why I trust my response to opening those other two ranch cups. The ones that opened waaay too easily. So easily that the realization that they had already been opened hit me like a ton of bricks. If this is all possibly true, and he did open those ranch cups, it must have been what he was messing with on the counter in the back. Maybe thats where he was using some kind of adhesive to seal them back up…But what none of this can truly answer…

What did he put in my food…

I didn’t actually tear the seals completely off the two suspicious ranch cups, so I actually taped the tops down with gaffing tape, put them in a plastic baggie, and into the fridge. I know it sounds silly, but if he really did try to put something in my food, I might be able to figure it out with those. Even somehow being able to tell if theres a different adhesive than the normal one used to seal those sauce cups would literally be nearly inconclusive that it was tampered with.

Tell me what you guys think. I’m kinda freaked out. I don’t feel that odd, other than a weird feeling that I kinda want to gag, but I figure thats just me imagining what could’ve been done to my food. While I feel safe as I didnt use those weird ranch cups, and only the one that had a tough seal, who knows what he might’ve done to my burger as well.

Needless to say I’ll never be eating there again, and I’ll probably start trying to cook more.


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