I’ve been lurking on this sub for awhile, and wanted to share my story. It was Thanksgiving 2011 and I was celebrating at my grandparents farm in the little town of Seville, FL (it’s north of Deland). I had had way too much to eat that holiday and was about to leave to drive back to school in Tallahassee. I stopped at the one little gas station in town to fill up before getting on the highway.

I had just finished filling up when a lady walked up to me. She was really ratty looking with crazy blonde dyed hair. But this is the backwoods of Florida, so no judgement. There were really kind people who looked like that in those parts. She started talking to me about how her car had run out of gas (she pointed to an old junker parked over near the convenience store) and if I could possibly give her some cash to get home. I usually don’t say yes to things like that but it was Thanksgiving weekend, so I was feeling extra generous. I told her that I’d be happy to fill up her car a little to get her home.

Then it started getting weird. She kept insisting I give her cash and that the car was so empty, she couldn’t drive it to a pump. I don’t know why I didn’t leave right there and then, but again, I was in a very good mood. I told her if she had a gas can, I would put some in but I didn’t feel comfortable giving her cash. She kept objecting but eventually went over and pulled a gas can from her car.

I started filling it up. She put her hand on me and said “Do you have a girlfriend?” I told her no, politely. She said she wanted to pay me back somehow for the gas and asked if I wanted to come to her place. I told her no, less politely. She kept touching my shoulder thanking me, and then offered me a blowjob behind the station, so I stopped the gas pump, got in my car, and left her there with the gas can.

I called my mom a little later and told her about the creepy, sleazy encounter. She paused and asked me if this lady had ratty, blonde hair, and looked like she was on drugs. I confirmed, that yes that was what she looked like and how could she know that?

This lady was apparently all over the news. She was a prostitute in town and had been at a party earlier. An “exchange” had gone south and her baby had been kidnapped by a client of hers and left under a bush in town. She hadn’t even bothered to call the police about the missing child until later. They were both arrested and charged.

And I can provide the news stories, if anyone needs proof.

Tl;dr: Prostitute solicits me for money while her child has been kidnapped by a client.


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