I’m a long time lurker, first-time poster. After frequenting this subreddit for a while now and having enough time to come to terms with some of the scary events that have happened in my life, I felt like it was time for me to share some of my stories. This story takes place during the summer after my freshman year of college. There’s a bit of backstory I need to get through to set the scene so please bear with me.

Now when I was a freshman in college, I fell into a bad group of friends. I was scared of being alone in college and for once in my life, I wanted to feel like I was part of the “cool kids” crowd in school. I should have sorted this mentality out by the time I wrapped up high school, but unfortunately, I didn’t, which is how I ended up with this group.

Long story short, I met them through my roommate at the time (he transferred to a school in another state at the end of the year) and we all became pretty tight with each other. They were essentially your typical school bullies. They were very charismatic and came off as cool people to hang out with, but they tore down anyone they deemed beneath them to feel better about themselves and valued their egos over anything else. They were also very heavy drinkers and hard drug users. Thankfully I wasn’t stupid enough to join in on their drug habits, but I was always down to drink so I think that’s one reason why they were cool with me despite the fact I didn’t do drugs.

Now, there are two people in particular from that group that factor into this story. First off is J. Out of the whole group, I liked J the least. The best way I can describe him is to imagine the sketchiest person you’ve ever met in your life and times it by ten. That’s J. He lived by a: “I do what I want when I want.” attitude. He always had some sort of a story for any shortcomings in his life or whenever we asked him anything in general. He also was known for voluntarily getting himself involved in dangerous situations.

He was also the heaviest drug user out of all of us. Many times out of the blue, he would disappear and go shoot up heroin with some buddies of his who lived out of town and randomly show up days later. As you could probably imagine, he ended up failing out of college yet he managed to hold his job since his uncle was a manager there. Surprisingly though, he actually liked me a lot. He told me one time that he respected my blunt and abrasive attitude as he found many people to be sensitive pussies.

The other person is X. X was actually pretty chill if you caught him without the group as he only joined in on any bullying or general dickishness when everyone else in the group was doing it. He was definitely the most rational out of the group and wasn’t much of a hard drug user. He mostly drank and would do hallucinogens from time to time, but that was about it. Now for the story.

I ended up renting a house with a couple people from the group including J, X, and two other people and we all moved in almost immediately after the semester ended. About a month later, there was a concert for an underground rock band we were all pretty into located in a town about an hour away from us. The two other guys had to work the night shift (they worked at the same place) and were gonna meet up with us later. The sun was about ready to set by the time J, X, and I all piled into J’s car to head out.

The ride was going by perfectly fine until I notice J got off an exit early. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was stopping off at his dealer’s house to pick up some molly for the concert. I was confused why he couldn’t have just told us he was gonna do that in the first place, but I brushed it off and didn’t harp on it. We eventually pulled up to the house which was located right across the street from some woods and the side the house was on pretty open land and you only saw a few houses in the distance.

J said that we were only about two miles out of town and we weren’t too out of the way as he pulled into a big driveway on the side of the house. If he hadn’t told me someone lived there, I would have thought this place was abandoned. The house appeared to be falling apart. The paint on the outside walls was chipping away, one of the windows must have been broken as a wooden board was nailed over it, and there were plants growing all around the side of the house as well.

J gets out of the car and as he’s about to close the door, he pauses and looks at us and says: “Aren’t you guys gonna come in?” X and I look at each other confused and X tells him: “Dude why can’t we just wait in the car? We don’t even know these guys and you’re just picking up your shit. You’re not even gonna be very long.” J made an excuse that we would look sketchy sitting in the car and that these guys were cool and he wanted us to meet them if we ever wanted a hook up for some drugs.

X and I reluctantly agree to come in as we felt like we figured it wouldn’t be too long anyway. We walk to the front door and J rings the doorbell. Some guy answers the door and greets J. J introduces us and the guy seemed pretty chill. We walked into the living room and X and I were told we could chill on the couch while J went upstairs to get his shit from his dealer. X and I sat on the couch and the guy sat in the beanbag chair across adjacent to the couch.

The inside of the house actually wasn’t a complete disaster. It was fairly clean, but it looked they were partying a bit for the night as empty beer bottles and cans were spread around the living room and I saw some liquor bottles out in the kitchen. We chat with the guy about the concert we were going to and he mentions that he actually saw them in concert a few months ago and said they were great. He said he popped some molly during the show and that it was a great experience.

He then asked us if we had planned on popping some molly at the show. I said I’ve never touched any drugs other than marijuana and Adderall and X responds by saying he’s done molly in the past, but wasn’t in the mood to do it tonight. He tried convincing us to do molly, but eventually gave up and the topic was changed. After like ten minutes X and I start wondering what the hell is taking J so long. That question was answered in about two minutes when J and presumably his dealer start walking down the stairs.

The dealer walks up to me and holds two twenty dollar bills in front of my face. He said to me: “Wanna tell me what this is?” I look at him completely perplexed and getting somewhat nervous I say: “I see forty dollars. Why are you asking me? That’s not even my money.” He grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me up against the wall on the opposite side of the house and screams: “Did you seriously think I wouldn’t notice?!? This is the first time you’re buying from me and you try pulling this shit?!?”

Before I even had a chance to plead with him that it wasn’t my money and that I wasn’t even buying anything from him, he throws me onto the floor and I hit my back on their coffee table. He pulls a pistol out of his back pocket and points it at me yelling: “You think I won’t kill you?!? I could fucking end your life and hide your body somewhere they won’t never find your ass!” I’m fucking panicking at this point. I throw my hands in the air and yell: “Dude stop, please! That’s not my money! I don’t even touch molly! J wanted to stop by and pick it up!”

X jumped in the middle and faced the dealer. He told him that I wasn’t buying from him. He told him that J was planning on buying molly off him for the concert and that the money was J’s and not mine. J jumps in and claims that the cash is mine until the dealer points the gun at him and tells him: “Shut the fuck up or I’ll blast you too!” The guy we were talking to before chimes in and tells the dealer: “Bro I think J is bullshitting you. I was just talking to that guy and he said he doesn’t touch that shit man.”

The dealer turns over to J and punches him in the stomach. He said: “You fucking piece of shit! After what happened last time you tried to rip me off again!” He kicks him a few more times before he screams for us all to get out of his house and if he ever saw us again he’d kill us. X grabbed me off the floor and we ran over to J and picked him up off the floor and we all ran out the door. X opens the door and throws J in the back seat. I ride shotgun and X gets in the driver’s seat and tells J to hand him the keys.

J tosses him the keys and as he starts the car the front window to the house opens and the dealer fires two shots at the car and I yell for X to floor it. X hits the gas and we sped off with no regard for the speed limit for about ten minutes. We reached the outskirts of town and X pulls into a gas station parking lot. X yells at J: “Dude what the fuck were you trying to pull?!? You almost got us all killed!”

J shot back claiming that he panicked and needed someone to blame or else he would get killed. I flip my shit and scream at him that I couldn’t believe he threw me under the bus like that and actually almost got me killed just because he wanted to buy some drugs with the counterfeit money. J tried claiming that we were his boys and should have his back in situations like this. We told him he brought this on himself due to his own stupidity and that we couldn’t believe this is what he actually thought.

We debated going to the concert but ended up heading over there regardless. I personally just wanted to go home after what had just happened as my nerves were still shot. We get to the concert and I got out and called one of my roommates that we had arrived. He said him and our other roommate were leaving now and would be there soon. He asked why I sounded so stressed out and I explained what had just happened to us. To my horror, he completely disregarded what I said.

He said there was no way J would have done that and that I should stop making up stories. When I kept on telling him it was true and that J almost got me killed he yelled at me to cut the bullshit or he would punch me in the face when he got to the concert. I told him to go fuck himself and hung up the phone on him. They got to the concert about an hour later. In the meantime, X and I were hanging out and avoiding J. J tried to act cool in front of us, but we kept telling him to leave us alone.

Our two friends finally show up and locate us in the crowd. They told X and I that we needed to go outside and talk. When we went outside they had revealed that J told them that I had given him the fake money to buy the drugs for me and that I was a piece of shit for what I did. X and I told him the truth about what had actually gone down, but they weren’t having it. I apparently had betrayed the group and that I should be ashamed of the stunt I had pulled. They claimed I was always a little bitch who couldn’t handle responsibility.

We fought back and forth some more before I stormed off fuming. I walked around the area for a bit trying to blow off some steam. I was so pissed off and upset at the same time thinking about why my friends would do this to me. I think my eyes finally opened up that night and I realized that they weren’t real friends by any means. I thought back on all the awful things they did during my time knowing them and that night put the final nail in the coffin.

I walked back into the concert and hung out with X for the remainder of it. X drove us home as J was drunk and high off his ass. He barely even responded as X got him into the back of the car. X and I discussed what had transpired that night and I thought we would be on the same page, but eventually, he suggested I drop the issue and just act like nothing happened. I refused to do that and told him I couldn’t believe that he was actually going to give into them. He claimed they were our bros and that there was no need to cause any more drama about this.

I told him not to talk to me for the rest of the ride and we sat in silence until we got home. I got out of the car and started walking in when X asks me: “Yo aren’t you gonna help me carry J in?” I told him there was no way in hell I was gonna help him with anything after what he did. I walked inside and immediately went to my room and locked the door. Everyone else came in talking and laughing as if nothing happened at all soon after and pretty much went straight to bed. The next morning I called a friend of mine who needed a roommate and told him I was moving out and needed a place.

Three days later, everyone heads out to get drunk and they invite me, but I lied and said I had to work a graveyard shift. Once I was alone in the house, my friend swings by with his truck and we spent the next forty minutes loading everything I had into his truck and we drove off back to his place. They tried contacting me for weeks after that, but I had blocked them all and ignored any attempts they made to communicate with me. I made sure to keep where I lived on the low and only told really close friends of mine where I lived.

The campus was pretty large and more than half the group had already transferred or dropped out by then so I managed to avoid them while in school luckily save for two awkward run-ins. I didn’t stay in that school for much longer as I transferred to another school in my home city at the end of that semester. After that, I never saw or heard from any of them again for over three years. Until something came up that made me think about that night once again and write about this story in the first place.

I found out through a friend of mine on Facebook that J had died. He was found dead in the basement of an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. His drug habits had finally caught up with him as he had overdosed on cocaine. I wasn’t happy by any means about his death, but I can’t say I was upset either. I was pretty indifferent towards his death.

I had nightmares about that night for years after it happened and they only stopped about two years ago when I finally started coming to terms with what had happened. I can’t believe I ever associated with that group in the first place and I hate myself for it. I stuck with those morons and nearly got myself killed because of one of their stupid antics.

As awful as that night was, it may have sort of been a blessing in disguise as it made me realize what shitty people they were and I distanced myself away from all of them. I still wonder to this day what would have happened had I not told the dealer’s friend that I didn’t do molly as the dealer may not have believed me if I had no one to back me up.

I’m very content and stable with my life now with people who actually care about me. I don’t know what the rest of that group has been up to since, but I don’t care to know. So, the group of douchebags who I once called my friends, crazy dealer who was willing to kill me thinking I gave him forty counterfeit dollars, and especially J who I hope has managed to find peace as he clearly didn’t find it while he was living, let’s not meet. Ever again.


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