I was 10 years old when this happened to me. I lived in a very nice neighborhood called River Plantation. We had a golf course, clubhouse, and olympic size pool where me and every other kid spent most of our summer at. We also had our own phone book for our community that listed names of parents and the children living in the household.

One summer day me and my sitter were swimming at the pool when I decided I needed a break from the heat (and swimming make you hungry). She drove us back to my house. As soon as I walk through the door I hear the phone ringing. I answer and its a man claiming to be my doctor. He says that I have a appt with him that day.

He asks me some strange questions but of course I answer not knowing any better. He asks if I’m developing yet and I say no. He asks if I have been home all day and I explain that I have been swimming at the clubhouse. He then asks if I’m wearing a swimsuit, and I say yes. Here’s the creepy part..he asks me if I’m wet. And I remember pausing for a second thinking what a dumb question…then I say yes.

The man get quiet for a min. He tells me that he is suppose to pick me up for my appt but that If I wanted to have more time to swim that he could pick me up at the pool at 3pm in a blue car. So I agree to be waiting for him at 3:00. I remember being kinda irritated that he was cutting into my swim time that day.

After I hang up I tell my sitter about the phone call. She looked horrified. I knew something wasn’t right at that point. We go back to the pool but don’t go inside. Within 10 mins two unmarked cars pull up (police officers). She speaks to them briefly then we go inside the club house. At about 3:30 one of the officers come inside and pulls my sitter away from the table she was sitting at to tell her of the arrest. To this day I don’t know if the guy was charged with anything or not. I hope he was though.


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