I am apologise in advance for having to delete this post from Reddit. An update and reason, concerning the removal, has been added to the bottom of the text wall :3

I am 18(M). I have an extremely large Alsatian dog which needs walked three times a day for about an hour. On the day of this encounter I was wearing an extremely large, padded and black leather jacket with black skinny jeans. This is important later. My house is close to a large state park, I walk my dog here daily. I always take a secluded path off the main path. There are two of these paths which run parallel to each other. They are about 20 meters apart. One path runs adjacent to a river, over of which there is an abandoned house/manor. The other path is higher up and overlooks the path next to the river. This is also important. So now to get to my story:

I left my house and started walking my dog at around 1pm. I take the main path until reaching the secluded paths. I take the path closest to the river, so that my dog can go swimming. As I get around one mile in I hear people talking from up and around the corner of the path. I put my dog on a tight leash as I slowly walk up the hill, with a 10 meter drop down to the river, and around the corner. The hills gradient begins to decline. As I look for the source of the noise I see a lady in a pink blazer sitting on the ground talking to another man on the ground.

As I approached I realized something was wrong here. The woman was smiling. The man was sitting halfway down the hill, almost in the river, with his bike upturned next to him. It appeared to be some sort of accident. The path was not slippery but it was steep and narrow. The drop at this section of the path was around 8 meters of sharp rock into a white river. The pink lady had the following conversation with the man: “Someone is coming” The man grumbles something “How did you know that?” the lady said.

My dog started crying and walked just off the path to go investigate, I pull him back. I ask if everything is okay, she gives no response. She just smiles and looks towards the older balding man.

We stare at each other for a second and I get a better look at her before continuing to walk down the path. Let me describe this lady in even more detail: She wore a bright pink blazer with camouflaged trousers and large hunting boots. She had to be at least in her late forties. If anyone of you have seen the Harry Potter films just think of Dolores Umbridge and you’ll have a good idea of what I witnessed.

After ten minutes, the path forks back or diverges to continue on. I decide to walk back, not on the same path. I end up back at the main path. I start to walk away back home but I get a feeling in my gut that I should go back.

After all that man could’ve been injured and were just intimidated by my sudden presence or my grotesquely large dog. As I walk back down the path I see this pink lady stop two boys, no older than twelve, and say something about him being stuck and he needs there help. She would’ve had to leave the man there. Instead of going to the path where the man was situated I took the back path which overlooked the path below and the river. As I look down I am shocked. The man is moving his bike to a steeper part of the path and lies down, as if he was injured. This lady was luring these boys to this man who was not injured, capable of movement and who had just staged an accident. I tried to phone 101, the non-emergency number in my country but I had no minutes left. The pink lady is nowhere to be seen. I decide I must loop back around and walk down that path. It takes me ten minutes to do so. As I get around there the lady and man are arguing, the conversation went like this: ” Now where are we meant to go?” “If you weren’t such a spooky b*tch those boys would’ve come in” “You were the one who said we couldn’t tackle the big guy”

At this moment, I go into panic. I make my presence clear and approach them quickly. I must get past them as quickly as I can.

I pull my dog closer to me and as I’m passing them on the narrow path, less than a meter in length, the man gives me the dirtiest look while the lady gives me the toothiest yellow smile I’ve ever seen. I’m not afraid to admit it, I was scared. I run as quick as I can out of the woods. When I do get out reach a member of the local government while walking past the parking lot and tell him what I witnessed and the conversation. Fortunately, the boys the lady was talking too had already reported suspicious activity.

He tells me the children had told him that the lady was claiming her husband had fallen off the path and needed some help. The boys didn’t fall for it. He had called the police as soon as the boys had told him. I soon left and will not be returning to the part of the woods for a long time.

So creepy pink lady, if you ever see this, I hope you got caught for whatever sick thing you were plotting. Original Update-

“ Their will be an update and a new story coming about when I (then 16) found a body in a similar park with police letters plus news reports. I’ll likely link the new post in this post. I’d like to thank everyone who have privately complimented me on my actions and behaviour. These people have encouraged me to come out with the body story which I’ve never told anyone. Thank you, everyone!” Soon after posting the original story. Here is an update on that matter and the story-

Reason for Deletion

I had to remove the post for identity reasons. I had other posts which led back to my personal identity. After the events the police, which had been informed of the post and FB status, had contacted me and asked me to remove the post until “Everything blew over”


I will make this quick, they weren’t caught however they have personally attacked me. They’ve damaged mine and my parent’s property and harassed us. Our sitting room windows has been smashed twice since the event. I know that at least one of the events was them because of a typed note that they tied onto a stone, the stone that was smashed through the window. The note has been handed into the police and I can’t discuss it, yet. I intend to post a further update on the 1st of October.

Thanks for your time!


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