Hey guys, after reading tons of stories here I remembered one of my own. This might not be as intense as some of the other stories here but I thought I would share regardless.

This happened a year ago when I was working as a pizza deliverer. I often worked late at night and despite other women being sexually harassed on the job every now and then, I never felt very nervous when delivering.

Anyways, this happened at around 11pm, I was delivering to a house and as I arrive I park out the front. Now there are 2 things you should know from here:

1) The pizza is on the passenger side; and
2) This is an Australian derelict suburb

So I get out of the car and immediately notice this 20-something year old guy standing on the opposite side of the road facing me. This being a derelict area, and with me being rushed, I thought nothing of it as it’s not too uncommon to see derelicts hanging around the streets, but as I started walking around the car to the passenger side, I found him behind me.

He asked me what the time was and I said it was about 11-ish. This still didn’t have me on edge as I was used to this kinda stuff but as I was opening the door to get the pizza, a jolt of suspicion came over me as I noticed he was still behind me not saying anything.

Looking back at it now, I find it unnerving at how subtle this feeling was and how close I was to ignoring it, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I (while trying to act non-chalant) quickly closed the passenger door, walked around to the driver’s side, hopped in, locked the door, turned on the car and put it in drive. I felt like I was being overly-cautious but sure enough he pops around to my side of the car.

At this point I feel pretty safe, and dare I say, proud in my decision-making so I crack the window to get to the bottom of this.

Guy: “Do you have the time on you?” (second time he’s asked this)
Me: “It’s 11 O’clock.”
-Awkward Pause-
Guy: “Can you please give me a lift? I need to go to my friends and it’s where you’re delivering.” (What?)
Me: “No.”
Guy: “Well I know whose pizza that is, it’s my friends down the road. I’ll show you where it is if you can give me a ride there.”

The conversation went on and on but you get the idea, this guy was persistent. I eventually told him to get out of here and I was calling the police. I closed the window and started dialing. As I was speaking the to police, he started yelling and banging on the window really hard.

Thankfully he eventually left and the police came and searched for him while I delivered the pizza.

Stuff like that happened every now and then but despite most of it being just immature sexual harassment, I thankfully learned to be alert whilst on the job.

I don’t know what he wanted, but I’m glad I didn’t find out.


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