This happened around 10 years ago when I was maybe 11 or 12. My uncle and cousin had come to visit us from Louisiana. Our idea of fun at that age was going to the mall and getting some food and clothes. So my mom, uncle, my cousin sister who was 6 and my sister who was 7 went to our favourite mall.

Since my cousin was not from the area, she wanted to go to a particular clothing store and get stuff from there. We were entered the shop and she started looking for clothes. My mom and uncle went further in to look at shoes for him.

I was with my sisters and I am usually uninterested in shopping there so I just stood near them wherever they went. I was just looking at other people in the shop when I noticed a man, a middle-aged greasy random dude with a backpack staring right at us. Now, I don’t know why his backpack creeped me out but I just remember the way he was pulling on it and holding the straps while looking at us.

Now he was outside the shop, the shop had glass windows, and he basically stood across from our shop (close to the windows of the shop opposite to ours). I had just started having unpleasant encounters with men leering at me or my friends as we’d just hit puberty so I was easily creeped out by people like him.

But I ignored him and as we went further in to the store, I forgot about him but still kept an eye on the people near us inside the store in case he’d decided to come in.

All of us then moved on to the next store and so on and after 30 minutes or so I saw him again, staring at the three of us, when we were inside a different shop on the second floor. He’d clearly been following us and I started to panic.

I was too scared to tell my mom and uncle because they might confront him and I didn’t want that to turn into a whole thing. I kept my eye on him and he knew that I was scared. He kept trying to move so that he’s directly in my eyesight wherever we guys went. If we got on an escalator, he would too, right after we get off, so when I turn to walk one way, I’d see him.

This went on for another hour or so of him following us and me trying to shield my sisters from going his way or looking his way. I didn’t tell them about it either, they were too little.

My uncle then suggested we go have some food somewhere, now I love food and especially this one restaurant in the mall and he knew that, but I instantly knew if we sat down somewhere and spent more time there, he’d freak me out even more. I told them I felt sick (and I did, physically because I hated every moment of this paranoia) and I asked them if we could go home right then. They sensed something was wrong, but they just thought I really was sick and so we started to head towards the exit.

I turned to look for him before we exited and I saw him behind us, halfway to the exit heading straight towards us, and FAST. I ran to my uncle and suggested we go to our grandpa’s house instead of ours because I was scared he’d follow us to our home and know where we live. My uncle said alright and we caught a cab to my grandpa’s place. I definitely saw him outside the mall looking at us as we entered the cab and I couldn’t see if he caught one too. We left the place, I kept scanning the road behind us to see if someone’s following us.

I was paranoid for WEEKS after that and didn’t go to my grandpa’s place for a LONG time, in case he HAD followed us there and stalked the area.

My heart is beating faster even as I write this. Weird backpack wearing stalker man, let’s not meet ever again



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