Often mentioned to be one of the most dangerous jobs in america, being a delivery driver definitely has it’s pros and cons. Aside from the horror stories you hear of drivers being called to abandon houses with malicious intent, being stabbed or even shot I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to try out being a delivery driver. My reasoning was led by the fact that it would be decent money for a college student, and I would get to do what I genuinely enjoy doing. (driving around, blasting music, satisfying my nicotine addiction while on the clock, and getting to explore new roads and various landscapes)

I didn’t think much about the dangers, but I must have subconsciously realized that the area I was going to be delivering in was mostly a wealthier business district with little crime. My sophomore year of college was over, and after leaving my previous job to focus on my heavy course load it was time to take advantage of the summer. I was hired at the first and only place I applied to for delivery.

This was about a 30 minute commute from my house and I would be delivering in a town and city that I previously had no familiarity with. Besides the nervousness of trying to impress at the start of my new job, I was excited to get started and get in my car. I must note that I was never warned of anything or told any alarming stories by any of the management or other delivery drivers. That’s because there were none, until I landed the delivery shift 6 months later that would traumatize me and force changes in policies of this company…

So it was a normal night per usual and I was on a delivery to the neighboring city only about 15 minutes out. There was a confusing numbering system on the small apartment complexes that occupied the left side of the road. I had believed that my gps took me to the right lot, but when I pulled in I could not seem to find the apartment number that was listed. A nice guy was walking his cute little dog, so I politely asked if this was 22 whatever street and he responded talkatively. He said no sadly and that he realizes how confusing these streets can get. Before i get a chance to ask if he knows what direction to send me in, he quickly asks an assortment of questions, none of which made me uncomfortable.

He saw I was delivering food, and asked what it was. I had not put the light on the top of the car so it made sense that he was curious, not a crazy amount of places deliver around there. He then got oddly excited asking if i had a menu, what time we deliver until, and if i am the only one delivering on this Sunday night… after quickly answering kindly and interrupting I asked if he could point me to the way because I was in a rush to get back. He said he isn’t too sure, but insists to walk his dog up to the road while I drive out so he could help me figure it out.

After a minute or two of navigating, he said where to try next. I thanked him, smiled and told him to feel free to call for a delivery and ill be back out with your food in no time. I said this because he said he was starving, asked for a menu, and seemed so excited about the fact that we delivered.

As the night came close to an end I was hoping I didn’t get anymore delivery calls after 9:15. Delivery shut down at 9:30 but if a call was placed anywhere before that I would be stuck driving and not get out till at least 10. What do ya know? An order was placed at 9:20 and I would leave with it at 9:40.

At this point i’m on autopilot and just following my gps not paying attention to where I might be going. As I recognize the similar street which I had only been on for the first time today, and hear my gps say to turn left in .2 miles I realize it has to be that guy that helped me out earlier.

I pull in, park, approach the door and knock. I hear faint music that seems to have gotten louder after my knock so I ring the doorbell. I’m greeted by the friendly man both of us smiling at eachother. “I guess you decided cooking wasn’t for you tonight” I say lightheartedly in a humorous manner. He then said something along the lines of “Cooking isn’t something I would waste my time on, plus I believe raw food is the most authentic way to feast.” I laughed thinking to myself that this guy is definitely an odd one.

He insists that i step in an put the bags down in his kitchen. Most of the time, I don’t go into the customers homes but it wasn’t so uncommon. I comply, step in and he says to take off your shoes. Now this made me uncomfortable, never have I been told to come in someones house on my delivery job and then told to take off my shoes. This is an in and out job, I was not hear to sit down and kick up my feet.

I figure this guy just has some issues or OCD, so as i slip my shoes off(this moment seemed to move in slow motion and last longer then it did), my eyes fix on this strange runner/ small carpet next to a shoe rack that was made of what seemed to be black feathers. simultaneously I am listening to the song he has playing which gave me a sense of extreme discomfort and anxiety. It was scarily familiar, I almost felt as if I was experiencing the feeling of deja vu.

(I now realize It was a song I remembered from when I played fallout 3 and galaxy news radio played “A Wonderful Guy” If you have played this game and remember the song you should be able to confirm how strange it is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl6I_bou5rw)

I follow him to his counter and place the bags down, next to what looked like a STUFFED CROW nativity scene… He sees me examining it, and says “did you know when a crow dies, a mob of a hundred live ones will gather in ceremony?” “It’s their way to learn about threats and they hesitate to revisit locations where they have encountered a dead crow”. I pulled out the payment slip for him to sign and shook off his previous statements saying “interesting”. As he signs he continues the subject and says something about how he thinks we can learn a lot of lessons from the behaviors of crows.

I thanked him for signing, and as I move to walk out said i’ll have to look into that, hoping to shut him up about his obsession with crows. As im putting my shoes back on, he says “one last thing”, If I said someone was killed here would you be hesitant to come back. If I said I was responsible, would you revisit this location? I panicked, sped out, and fled to work with thoughts rushing through my head… A couple sleepless nights after that and 5 months later and the run in continues to haunt me.

looking back, it seems as if he saw something about me that made him want to know if I was the only delivery driver working. After telling him our close time for delivery it seemed like he purposely planned to wait till the latest possible time ensuring he would be my last delivery. I really still think about what this man is up to every time I work.

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