I’m female, which isn’t really that important to the story, but I like when people give some context before. I believe we were sophomores when this happened so barely sixteen (2008). I grew up in a small, nowhere, country Midwest town. There are paved roads so that’s a plus. Where I lived was at one point the meth capital of America, so even though it’s a nowhere town-it’s got that blue ribbon. Cue sarcastic thumbs up.

There was an old cemetery out on a (paved) country road. It had been rumored to be haunted, it also had recently been vandalized. A couple of friends, Parker and Cody (two very large, testosterone filled teenagers) and I, were hanging out talking about what had happened at the cemetery, speculating who had vandalized it. I’ve always been fascinated by ghost stories/haunted places and I also did a ton of community betterment projects. I wanted to see how destroyed it was to suggest to one of the 20 clubs I was in to help.

I’m a chicken so I came up with the great idea to go check it out, because what ghost or meth head is going to get you when you have two football players with you! Sound Logic. I might add this all goes down somewhere between 6-8 pm in the fall. It’s dark, but not late.

We’re walking around, being respectful mind you, we weren’t the kind of kids to be jerks. We really just wanted to see how bad the vandalism was and find a ghost. We were there for about 10 minutes, and we were all checking out the mausoleum, (it was just a cement shell-no roof, two holes for windows and a doorway) when a white, 90’s looking jeep drives by, slowing down as if to check the place out. From where we were we could see the road from the window, but who was driving wouldn’t have been able to see us…just the car.

My gut is screaming by the way the jeep slowed down. I say something to Parker and Cody about leaving. We look out the other window to see the Jeep is turning around in a drive way/gravel road. Cody and I are already noping out and getting back in the car, Parker follows us to the car and gets all puffed up as the jeep does another creep by. Parker gets in the car acting like he some how out manned this jeep driver and “he won’t be a problem anymore.”

I remember seeing our faces turn to horror as once again it turns around in the nearest drive way (think country and fields-far enough away to make a run for it, close and open enough to see). Im freaking out, Parker turns the car on and is peeling out. We drive out of the cemetery onto the road passing the jeep, I vaguely remember Parker flipping the jeep off as we pass, which pissed me off…because why poke the bear?

What does this Jeep do? It turns around and starts to follow us! Not only follow us, but ride our tail and flash his brights. I’m about to start crying, I’m screaming at Parker for just not being able to leave it alone, I’m playing out all the ways I’m going to die because of this situation. Cody is giving us play by play of updates while staring out the back window. Parker decides to lose the jeep. Not a great idea-but it was a straight road, just lots of hills and when you’re sixteen that seems like the best option.

At some point we’re doing 80 trying to lose this Jeep, it’s slightly falling behind. But only slightly, still flashing his head lights and being generally terrifying.

We get to the main highway that runs through town. We cut right on the highway, turn left on to a housed street, we cut left again and turn into a church parking lot. Parker turns off his lights and keeps the car behind the wooden playground fence. Cody says he can see the lights on the next street over. We lost him!! But wait! There’s more…

Parker gets the great idea to check (we obviously didn’t stay friends after this). I’m screaming “have you never seen horror movies?! That’s how we die! Take me home.”

Nope. Parker drives down the street that would be running parallel with the Jeep…we don’t see the jeep so we turn back on the main highway, and there are cop lights behind us.

Parker pulls over and the police officer asks us what we’re doing. I burst into tears. I tell the officer how some crazy lunatic was chasing us, how I thought I was going to die (I may have been a bit dramatic), Cody chimes in from the back to verify that I’m telling the truth. We are pleading for him to find the crazy person-because he’s probably around.

He asks why we were at the cemetery, I tell him my name and plan about helping with the vandalism. In the side mirror I see the jeep pull behind the cop car and I no longer have sanity. Shaking uncontrollably, tears just silently running down my cheeks. I whisper “he’s there.” The officer looks back and smiles. Instant dread washed over me, way too many horrible scenarios flashed through my imagination in that second.

The police officer then informs us that the jeep driver was an off duty police officer who thought we looked like suspicious kids. He said have a good night and walked off. That was it. They didn’t push the issue and neither did we. All three of us sat there stunned for a couple of seconds-because wtf?! It was terrifying, and I’m glad it wasn’t a crazy lunatic. Not your typical let’s not meet, but still, officer who seemed to take his job a little too seriously I’d rather not…


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