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Okay. Since the first post, we have had cameras installed, no outside surface of our house except the roof isn’t being recorded 24/7. Front door now has a keypad lock and the back door is the same, the standard toggle on the inside door knob.

Anyway, just about 30 minutes ago I hear a weird fumbling at the back door. Our dog is currently at a kennel because we’re going on a holiday tomorrow, so that’s why she wasn’t going berserk.

I brushed it off. It’s raining and a little windy. Just like last time except it’s raining lol. No plants at the back door now though.

I go out to the kitchen, same place where I first saw the dude walking up the street last time. The monitor for our cameras in the kitchen is for some reason turned on. I think, oh yeah, I’ll just have a look at the back door footage. I’m sure iT’LL BE FINE… A this moment the previous encounter hasn’t even crossed my mind.

Mum is not here, so her car is gone and Dad has parked his car in the garage. So it probably looks like no one is home (I was in my room with no lights on playing cod not guitar this time).

Well I look at the footage and there’s a fuckin shady lookin boi at my back door. Shady-esque in his appearance, Joe. He realises this time the door is locked and walks around to the FUCKING SLIDINg DOOORRRR!!!!! This door is never locked, like ever. Also, this means he walked directly past my bedroom window. The door is next to the window that overlooks my whole street. I watch the camera that covers this door. He looks around, into the house (hands cupped on the glass type look), around again, and eventually stares directly into the camera. It has those infra-red things that you can see when you’re in pure darkness. He concludes that this would be a good time to hop over the fence and out of view, not to be seen again.

May have been the same dude, may not have been. But the way he came to the same door, tried the same thing to get inside… thank the lawd this time he couldn’t get it – I had headphones on and was in a party with my mates. No chance I’d have heard him come in. This time I have footage to hand over to the police. Thanks for reading.



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