This happened to me about 6-7 months ago. It was definitely still warm outside. I’m a 26 year old female and I work in a bar, and I always had to close so I normally didn’t actually walk out the door to head home until around 3:30 am. I didn’t mind working those late hours most of the time because my boyfriend and I lived just over a mile from where I worked in a really safe part of the city, and would normally walk or bike there if it was nice out during the day and then at night I would just bike home, my boyfriend would meet me halfway and walk me home the rest of the way, or sometimes I would get a ride home from my favorite bouncer, Andy. On this particular night, even though my boyfriend had come up there to walk home with me, I was so tired that I had just decided to ask Andy to give us a lift home. He happily agreed, and I am SO glad he did…

Andy was always the last one out of the building after closing up, just so he could do one last sweep through and make sure the girls had locked all the doors, turned off tvs, etc. As he was doing his last sweep of the inside, my boyfriend went for a quick bathroom break and I went to gather my things from the back and told them that I would meet them out back (they would be coming out the back kitchen door since all the front doors were now locked) because I wanted to smoke a cigarette really quick. I light my cigarette, unlock my bike from it’s rack, and then start walking it the short distance across the parking lot to Andy’s truck so we could put it in the back once he got out there. Mind you, this all happened in a short maybe two minutes while I was out there alone.

Once I had gotten to Andy’s truck, I noticed some kind of newer looking sports car rev his engine and turn his lights on somewhere in the middle of the parking lot. Our bar shared a parking lot with a few other daytime businesses and a pizza place on the opposite end that also served alcohol, so they stayed open late as well but still closed an hour or two before us, so I just assumed this person was some drunk straggler from the bar across the way, and thought nothing of it. By this point my boyfriend had met up with me by the truck, so I knew Andy had to be right behind him so I really gave no shits about this drunk idiot revving his engine in an otherwise empty parking lot.

Before Andy had made it out to the truck (he must have needed a potty break himself), sports car guy speeds out of the parking lot, slowing down just long enough to glare angrily at my boyfriend and I, then peeled out onto the main road. I think it’s important to note that when this guy turned onto the main road, he didn’t slow down AT ALL to make the turn causing him to fishtail and almost collide with another car. He was driving like a complete fucking maniac. It pissed me off that he was driving like that but he was going too fast for me to even attempt to get his license plate number or anything. So, again, I just wrote him off is some drunken idiot that wanted to show off his car to anyone that could see him.

Andy finally made it out to the truck and after helping him get my bike into the bed and giving him a brief rundown of what the boyfriend and I had just witnessed, we got in and headed towards the main road, the same way sports car guy had left just a few minutes earlier. As I said earlier, it was a little over mile from the bar to my house, so all this happened pretty quick…

We get up to the first stop light and while waiting for it to turn green, I see the same damn sports car (clearly speeding by A LOT. I’m talking at least 90mph in a 45mph zone) coming back down the other way until he sees us, immediately slams on his breaks and whips a U-turn right in the middle of the street. By this time, I had made everyone in the car aware that I’m pretty sure that was the stupid fuck from the bar parking lot and that I’m pretty damn certain he is following us for some reason. Andy agrees that it’s sketchy and floors it as soon as the light turns green. Sports car guy wastes no time in catching up to us and actually trying to run us off the road by scooting his car between the median and our truck and attempting to ram us in the side. This goes on for maybe 30 seconds or so but if felt like much longer, honestly. It was fucking terrifying but it gets better…

We were about to pass the last gas station before making it to our house, so instead of leading this fucking maniac right to our front door, Andy thankfully made a snap decision to pull into the gas station and call the police. Of course sports car guy whips in right behind us. Great. If it came down to it, Andy was ready confront the guy about what the actual fuck his problem was. Andy has his concealed carry permit so he wasn’t as worried about confronting the guy if he HAD to but acknowledged that he was in no way bulletproof and had no intentions of getting out of the car until the police got there, unless sports car guy tried to come at us. Sounds like a reasonable plan, right? Yeah. It would have been if it hadn’t been for my drunk and now angry boyfriend in the backseat that just didn’t have it in him to not get out of the car and confront the guy claiming that he “couldn’t let someone just get away with putting the women he loves in danger.” Can you hear my eyes roll? I rolled them then and I’m rolling them now. Liquid courage makes people really stupid.

I didn’t even have time to try and talk my boyfriend out of being a “hero” before he had jumped out of the car and started running straight at the other guy’s car. At this point, the guy had gotten like half-way out of his car. His his door was open and he was standing behind the door with one hand on the top of the door frame while frantically waving his other hand around like it was a gun (you know, how you shape your hand into a gun with your thumb up and shit? Yeah, like that) and screaming at my boyfriend to stop being he had a gun and that he was going to shoot him. My idiot boyfriend didn’t stop though so Andy got out of the car and actual drew his gun on the guy to keep him from making any further movements in case he really did have a gun that was in his seat or something.

Once Andy pulled his gun, my boyfriend stopped just a few feet from the guy to wait for Andy to catch up so they could get the guy away from the car and keep him somewhat “detained” until the cops got there. My adrenaline is at an all time high at this point and I’m furious, so I walked over to the guys once Andy and my boyfriend got him away from his car because I wanted to know what the fuck his problem was, and honestly, I was tired of watching these dumbass masculinity displays. I really just wanted to get close enough to see the guy’s eyes to see if he was on some kind of drug since you can normally tell if someone is on something by looking at their pupils (I’m no expert on drugs but I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time with people that were strung out on one thing or another), for the most part anyways. That was the only logical reason I had for this guy that I had never seen before in my life to be doing all of this to us. His pupils were most definitely dilated when I got close enough to see him, so I made note of that to tell the police and walked back to the car. As I was walking back to the car, I started to hear the guy profusely apologizing and start to explain something but I was too pissed to care what he had to say so I just got back into the car and waited for the police.

After giving the three of us gave our statements to the police, they asked us to wait around for just a few more minutes while they wrote everything up and got the other guy’s statement to see if they couldn’t give us some kind of answer as to why all this had happened. We waited another 10 minutes or so and finally got our answer, albeit still ridiculous but an answer nonetheless. Apparently, the guy was such a frequent flyer with the cops there that they knew his father personally. He had, had multiple charges in the past for DUI’s and assault. I wasn’t at all shocked by this, but then the cop continued on to say that the reason this idiot had tried to run us off the road was because of me. He had tried to tell the cops that he was hired as a PI by a wealthy man in the area to find out if his wife was having an affair. Apparently he thought I was the wife all the way up until I got close enough to him at the has station for him to actually see me and realize that I was not her. That whole story was obviously bullshit because the police also told us that he frequently comes us with stories about him being a PI or in the FBI or something, and that was due to the fact that he wouldn’t take his medications!

Although I was kind of put to ease by the fact that this dude was just fucking nuts and hadn’t been stalking me or something, it still bothered me as to how he chose the parking lot of my work and somehow knew to wait in his car until we closed? Oh, and that the police did nothing other than call this grown man’s father to basically tattle on him and then RELEASED HIM! I mean, who just gets away with something like that!? Especially with all of his prior driving offences! Anyways, I have since moved out of that house and about 45 minutes away from that city to be closer to my family, So I’m not too worried about running into this guy again but I do worry that he is going to do this to someone else and it’s not going to end as well as it did this time…

So, drunken maniac who thought I was someone’s cheating wife, I would really appreciate it if we never crossed paths again. Get some help, man.


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