Story time continued, in no particular order. All real, all strange, some horrifying.

My friend and I, age 11-12, Summer, housing development in IL.

My first Summer in my new home out in the sorta-sticks, my friend from school and I loved to run around the neighborhood and into the forest behind the homes. While we were out, we noticed an ice cream truck kinda tracking us. It had its music running so we sorta wrote it off and continued our adventure.

Every time we’d pop out of the woods again, the ice cream truck would never be too far behind, same driver, same plate. We laughed and joked about it being some weird new business tactic to get kids to buy. However, we were broke, so we just kept playing.

The stalking was incessant after a while. Every turn we’d make, no matter where we’d pop up in the housing development, it was always near. The driver always pretending he didn’t see us, but keeping pace as we walked.

Eventually it was time to go home, and so we did. When I returned home I told my mom about the experience, and she called the police. After a bit of questioning, they decided I was just letting my imagination “run wild”, but they’d check it out anyways.

The initial search of the neighborhood turned up nothing but a single ice cream truck driven by a woman ran by a reputable company.

About a week later they got a similar report by some other younger girl in the neighborhood. They found the truck with the exact guy, completely unlicensed, with a little boy unconscious and tied up in the back.


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