Love this subreddit so much and am a huge true crime fan, and last night something finally happened that is worthy of posting!

So I live on a remote New England street, just moved here recently from New Mexico. We moved into a gorgeous house about four driveways up from a Mormon church. This church has services at random times: I’m agnostic and not really tuned into the schedule they keep.

So tonight: I was driving home from work and listening to a new episode from True Crime Garage (podcast). I didn’t want to stop listening so instead of driving straight home, I slowed my speed so I could finish my episode, and decided to do a slow turn around the church as I listened. I’m super paranoid because of all my true crime obsessions so my car doors were locked, but since we live in a safe and upper class neighborhood I wasn’t TERRIBLY on alert, even though the church was dark, but as I cruised around the church lot to enjoy my podcast, a man stepped out of the shadows of the church’s dumpster and into the light. He was walking in a bizarre, stumbling gate, and actually lunged at my car door. He had a beard but was otherwise kempt and clean looking, so it was the odd manner of his gate that scared me. I floored it, and drove off as fast as possible as he lurched at my SUV, his fingernails ACTUALLY SCRATCHING at the metal of my back door.

I was so freaked out that I drove for a while, not going home but just circling streets, until I finally went home. My husband is out of town for a training (he’s military) so it’s just me and my two pit bulls. They make me feel pretty safe and I do have a gun that my husband leaves me but as a true crime addict I’m always on edge. I called my husband, Aaron, and he reassured me that it was probably a homeless guy but to keep the gun nearby and the dogs by the bed.

So I do my nightly routine and head to bed. As I’m falljng asleep, my dogs go wild. Barking, rushing from door to window. I lie stock still upstairs and keep my hand on my gun as I listen to them barking. Over the pounding of my heart I hear the front doorknob downstairs rattle, rattle, as someone tries to twist it open. I can hear my dogs barking and snarling, and after a few seconds one of them hits the window downstairs barking his head off.

I slid off my bed and grabbed my cell, dialing 911 from the floor.

About thirty (silent) minutes later, cop cars pull into my yard and take my statement. I was still terrified and shaking, and when I went to the door to talk to them the porch light illuminated footsteps all around my door in the snow and around each window.

I can only imagine it was the guy from the church but I have no idea how he knew which house was mine. I park in the garage so he must have been watching as I came home and pulled in, recognizing my vehicle? My husband is home now but I’m still s ares stiff. I don’t even want to walk in front of our un-curtained French doors! I’m terrified!


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