Last summer my boyfriend and I went camping in some nature preserve in Pennsylvania. I can’t remember the name. It was pretty primitive camping. No cell service and we saw two other people there in the entire place. It was huge so it was pretty empty.

My boyfriend pretty much immediately said these two people seemed off to him right away. I don’t know if they had anything to do with what happened that night but I’ll describe them.

The first person was a woman who had her truck parked off the trail and the hood open. I don’t really notice these types of things but my boyfriend said it looked to him like she was waiting for someone to pull off beside her and offer to help with her truck. Normally my boyfriend is the type to at least offer to call someone but he said she skeeved him out enough he didn’t even want to draw her attention more than what’s necessary.

The next person we saw drove by several times while we were setting up. He just kept driving by slowly and looking at us. I didn’t even notice though until my bf pointed out that he’d already done that twice.

Whether these two people had anything sinister going on or not, the real story has to do with what woke us up at around 3 AM. It was incredibly loud and sudden. I couldn’t describe it or even compare it to anything but my boyfriend said it sounded to him similar to a chain gun revving up, or someone using some large tool to scrape gravel. My bf jumped up and looked out the little window of the tent. The sound happened again, again, and again and it was getting noticeably closer each time.

I was about to piss myself but my bf told me it was probably miles off. I didn’t question this because loud noises can be heard from miles off, right? Well, later my bf told me he told me that because he didn’t want to scare me. It really sounded like it was coming from right down the little dirt road. At one point he said he suspected it was right in front of our camp site. The only reason he didn’t tell me to get out and dart for the car was because he was afraid it could be someone trying to scare us out of the tent for some dreadful reason.

He whispered (I should have noticed he was whispering and knew something was wrong, since otherwise he’d just speak normally, right?) for me to just go back to sleep. However I could not because every little sound I heard outside sounded like someone sneaking up to the tent.

Eventually my bf told me to get out and help him pack up. It was maybe 20 minutes after the sound stopped. He held our only weapon, a machete in front of him. It was a full moon or close to it so we didn’t need a light. While we were packing quickly I noticed an empty beer can close to our dead campfire. It wasn’t there when we went to sleep at around 10 PM and neither of us even brought any beer.

Thankfully we got out of there and for the rest of that trip, we either camped in areas well populated by other campers or we got a hotel room.

So whoever or whatever that was…let’s never meet.


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