Before I begin, I am going to say that I am a 19 year old man and working a full time job. I have since moved out of the place that this incident occured in. What happened took place when I was about 6 years old. I lived in a decent neighbourhood. We did have the occasional creepy person that would walk or bike by. We also had some apartment buildings where the people living there were heavy into drugs but didn’t bother anyone. They were nice people to talk to and frequently mentioned they were into that stuff. They never bothered me so I didn’t care. Now, enough with the background.

The house I lived in at that point was a very decent size. My dad also built a garage; a huge garage. Now, this is where what happened, happened. The garage was huge. It had enough space for 3 vehicles and rafters on the ceiling for storage of seasonal stuff (halloween, christmas, etc.)

This took place in December. I live in Atlantic Canada, and in Atlantic Canada, we get some pretty nasty snowstorms and blizzards. On a day in December, I was being a little kid in the snow and my dad was working the garage on one of his car projects. He had gotten thirsty and went in the house to get a drink. He came back out and asked if I had gone into the garage. I asked why and he said there’s footprints in the snow leading into the garage that he didn’t think were his. I said no and we both thought nothing of it. That evening, my dad and I went to bed early. My mom works late and came home late that night and saw some of my toys that were in the rafters stored away were on the garage floor. She thought nothing of it, moved them and parked the vehicle in the garage, closed the garage door, went into the house, watched some TV and went to bed.

Now, my dad wakes up at 4am every morning to be to work for 5am. The garage door was opened when my dad woke up so naturally he was angry. Wakes everyone up and goes out to the garage. Comes back in and is freaking out about a lot of very expensive equipment was missing. We called the cops. The outside lights were flicked on and we saw those same mysterious footprints leading to the garage earlier leading into the backyard and into the forestry behind my house. The cops searched the garage and my mom brought up the toys falling from the rafters. The cops asked to borrow a ladder and went up to check. They found a gun, a meat cleaver, 3 condoms, 2 of which were used, assuming he masturbated into them.

I did not sleep for a week. I was terrified. They caught the guy 2 weeks later trying to sell all of my dad’s equipment at a pawn shop. He confessed to everything. He said he broke into other houses on our street. He also stated he watched our house for a whole month to learn all of our routines so he wouldn’t get caught. He had the weapons incase he did. He said he “jerked off” into the condoms when he saw my mom. He is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence. I don’t wanna know what would’ve happened if my mom, dad or I had saw him.


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