So this happened when I was in 7th grade, a 12 yr old. At the time it was just my mom, my brother and I living in a rental in a run down low income area. We moved in during the summer before the school year started, and were welcomed by our next door neighbors which wasn’t too uncommon but not super common at the same time for that area in Oregon.

My mom worked 8am-5pm everyday, so my little brother and I would ride the bus home everyday from school. My cousin would also sometime ride back to my house with us and her parents would pick her up later (important for later).

One day when I came home I noticed our only small laptop we owned was gone off the counter. I figured my mom had moved it, later when my mom came home later we determined it was missing and that a lot of other things were missing like my iPod and wallet and my mom’s safe with her hand gun in it, and lots of family valuables.

We called the cops and reported a robbery and they came to investigate. They determined the person probably slid through the doggy door leading into the garage and then entered the house through our unlocked garage door. Cops stayed in their cars on the curb all night and said they would stay on watch for our house more than normal. I was terrified all night and my brother and I slept in my mom’s room.

The next day we locked all our doors. It was Wednesday and was a random half day at my school so I rode the bus home around noon, and my cousin came with, while my brother went to a friend’s house for the afternoon to hang out. I used the key under the mat my mom leaves for me, and my cousin and I hung out for about and hour or 2 until her mom came and picked her up. After she left I hear the door knob of the closet right next to the front door slowly open and out comes this skinny, what looked like a 35 yr old man that I recognized as our next door neighbor! He seemed to be constantly shaking, intense eyes, had a really unhealthy look to him because of his extremely sunken in face.

Terrified, I’m in the living room just standing looking at him while he looks at me, with a surprised look on his face(I think he thought everyone left when my cousin did)… until his face changed to an amused smirk when I believe he realized that I was alone in the house. He begins to walk towards me, while I stand there shocked, not sure what to do. He grabs me really hard on the shoulders and tells me I’m pretty. He then begins to pull me into him, to I think lick me?? Idk, he seemed a crazy, and excitable with his intense eyes.

I instinctively jump and buckle my knees to allow my full weight to be the force that rips me from his grips and fall on my butt. He then bends down for me when I heal kick him in his nuts as hard as I can (Note I played soccer at the time, and practiced wrestling with older neighbor kids a lot). He then yells and falls to his knees cupping himself, I use that time to run pass him to my front door. I open it and run to a kid I rode the bus with’s house about 6 houses down.

He and his mom were there and she called the cops and my mom while I waited. The cops got to the house and he wasn’t there but had manage to steal a few more small valuables. I gave my testimony that it was our next door neighbor, and he was later caught THAT SAME DAY selling some of our stuff at the pawn shop in town.

He ended up being a crystal meth addict, stealing our stuff to sell and pay for his addiction. He was super weak from all the drug abuse which is probably why I was able to get away from him. He also was apparently somewhat high which he claimed heightened him sexually which is why he spontaneously decided to attack me being that I was alone. Also though he looked like in his mid/late 30’s he was only 26!

He had apparently watched us for a few months, learning our schedules for when we left and got home. He took the time to take the key from under the front door mat while we were gone, get a copy, and then put the original back under the mat for my brother and I to use when we got home. The cops were surprised he was smart enough to do that, as he seemed to be mostly dim witted with everything else due to the drug abuse.

Either way, I testified against his physical attack, and he got a few decades of jail time being that he was already on parole for drugs. I was terrified and slept in my mom’s room for the next year.

So let’s not ever meet again creepy meth addicted neighbor.

EDIT: Even though it was really emotional to watch my mom who worked around 3 jobs, mentally break down from the news that I was attacked and that what little we had was stolen, in the end because we had renters insurance we got a good amount of money back to replace most of the things we lost with new better working versions. It ended up being quite a great thing in the long run


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