Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Thought I’d tell a story about one of the more creepy encounters I’ve had so far. At the time, I was a few months into undergrad in Austin, TX and had just become comfortable enough with myself to come out of the closet. At the time, there were no datings apps available so to find dates I used craigslist (big mistake). I started chatting with a guy off craigslist–Craig–and we hit it off and decided to set a time/place for a date to meet in person. (his ad said he was 27 and I was 18 at the time).

At first he was very insistent on meeting at his place (which I later found out was just a trailer) and it kind of made me suspicious but in his pictures he was very good looking, had a nice smile, etc. so I decided to let it go. Eventually we agreed to get coffee before going to his place.

So the day arrived and I went to get coffee and I was pretty excited. I had showed my roommate pictures of Craig and talked about how I was looking forward to meeting him. I showed up at the coffeeshop and he was already there. He actually did look like his pictures so that was a good start. We got coffee and ended up chatting for several hours before he asked whether I wanted to go back to his place.

Luckily, my roommate called to check up on me and it also happened that he was stranded because his car had broken down so I told Craig that I would take my friend back home before heading over to his place. Well, by the time I picked up my friend, etc. Craig was no longer answering his phone/texts or anything. When he finally answered he accused me of making up some excuse so I wouldn’t have to go back to his place with him and basically was very angry /annoyed despite our great conversation earlier.

I was a bit bummed but basically didn’t think of him again until years later when my old roommate sent me a link for a news article about Craig. Apparently, he had been running a sex trafficking ring using underaged boys that he would lure through his good looks/promises. I can only imagine what would have happened to me if I had gone back to his trailer with him that day. I know this isn’t as creepy as other stories but it definitely gave me the chills when I read the article.

I dont remember exactly which link my roommate sent me but there are plenty of other articles about him online so I included one as an example:



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