Again, like my other posts, I’m no writer/story-teller. Please bare with me.

I have a very stable job, and a very good one at that. But sometimes you need extra money, right? I am currently moving into a newer, bigger and nicer apartment so I’ve been putting down payments and using money to move. By no means am I broke but it’s nice to earn some extra cash.

I thought of selling some clothes that I never wear. I’ve already donated a lot of older clothes to the Salvation Army, but for the clothes I never wore and that are worth some good cash I decided to sell over Craigslist and LetGo app.

LetGo app has never failed me. Craigslist, well, I’ve never tried it before but my friends have had some great experiences.

I was trying to sell a very cute, short sleeve, black and white flower dress for 12$. I put my number down so I could just talk to people directly since I don’t use my email too often. Sidenote: I posted a picture of me in the dress that my friend took, not showing face and with a blank white wall background behind me.

I got a text a couple hours after I posted the dress. Here’s how the conversation went:

Stranger: Hey, I saw your dress on sale, is it still available?

Me: Yes it is!

Stranger: It’s kind of hard to see the dress in the picture you have posted, do you have anymore pictures of you in the dress?

I have sent a picture of the dress on a hanger. One picture close up for detail, one to see the full dress.

Stranger: I asked for pictures with it on. I’ll just look at the ad tomorrow.

I never responded back. It was very alarming to have someone talk to me like that. Why would someone want to see the dress on? I mean, I guess I understand.. But really?

Two days later I got a weird phone call at 7:05AM. By the way, this was my off day and I usually keep my ringer on because I’m always on call. To see that it wasn’t work, and an “unknown” caller, I was pretty pissed, so I let it ring.

They call again right after.

I sighed and cleared my throat to answer:

Me: Hello?

A raspy, gargled mans voice answered back to me.

Stranger: Yes hello, are you the one selling the dress?

Me: I am, yes.

Stranger: I’m calling for my wife, I have some questions.

In my head I’m like “???”, but I go with it.

Stranger: My name is Mark, and yours?

I give him my name but he fails MANY times and almost made me think, “Dude am I being prank called?” It was pretty frustrating because I told him, AND spelt my name about 20 times.

We get over introductions and he gets into the “questioning,”

Mark: Is this a thick dress?

Me: It is.

Mark: Can this be worn as a fancy, dinner dress?

Me: It can be. You can dress it casual or dressed up.

Mark: Ok. How tall are you?

Me: I’m 5’3″.

Mark: Okay, so my wife’s pretty short and around your height. Do you wear a bra with the dress?

Me: Umm.. she can wear it with or without.

Mark continues to push if I’ve ever worn a bra with the dress, I get short with my answers.

Mark: Where are you right now? I feel like I’ve woken you up.

Me: (I decided to lie, to cover myself) Yes, I’m at a friends currently.

Mark: A girlfriends?

Me: A friends. I’m just not home, okay?

Mark: But did you sleep in the same bed as her?

Me: Can we move on? I’m not home right now.

His phone cut out. He calls back a minute later.

Mark: Sorry, my phone died. So anyways, what size cup are you?

Me: Excuse me? I don’t feel comfortable answering this.

Mark: B or C?

Me: I’m not answering this.

Mark: You look big breasted, very gifted. My wife has an ass, do you?

Me: I don’t want to answer this, you’re making me feel uncomfortable. I’m going to hang-u…

Mark: But does the dress ride up your back? When you walk does it show your ass?

I hung up. He decided to call me over and over and it’s not like I can block his number because his number was “unknown.”

By the 20th call, I answered to tell him off.

Me: Listen, I don’t feel like sel-

Mark: You know, I know where you live. I want that dress.

I hung up and cried. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I would understand if a guy wants a dress for his own pleasure (sexual or not), but at least tell me and not act like his “wife” needs one. Or does he have a wife? Why couldn’t she call me herself? I don’t know, I have so many questions.

I’m legit scared and this number wont stop calling me. I even got an email that’s not related to this about a guy named “Mr. anonymous” asking for smelly old flats.

Is this normal for Craigslist?

To the man who keeps calling me about my dress, please, let’s not meet.



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