It happened when I was a 10 year old girl. I had a golden retriever husky mix called Koda, who was around 6 months old, and I loved him. I ran home from school everyday just so I could play with him before I started my homework. One day when my mom was driving me to this badminton class, and she says she forgot to pick up an important package from her boss and had to stop really quickly.

We stopped in our local post office, and she parked in an empty space before running off. I sat in the back row, with Koda. The window was slightly open as my mom didn’t want us to suffocate, you could probably fit an arm in there. So we’re sitting there, and I’m talking with Koda about my friends and whatever a 9 year old would be talking about, because doesn’t everyone at one point start talking to their pets about their life problems?

Suddenly, I see a hooded man who looked homeless. He was dirty and had unkept hair and he knocks on the window and goes like, “Is yer mother here kid?”. I get kind of nervous and smartly say, “Yeah.” He goes like, “Then where is she?” I get kind of suspicious because Koda starts growling and barking, which he never does. I say, “Well she’s coming back any moment, but probably not now.”

There was a small tension for like a second or two. He suddenly sticks his arm through the window, and has a knife and I launch myself to the other side of the seat while shrieking. He’s lunging and stabbing, trying to get in further (good thing the door was locked). Koda leaps up, and sinks his teeth into his arm, like he was biting into a chunk of meat.

The man loses it, and I can see a hole in his jacket, with blood pouring out from it. He quickly recoils his arm back from the gap, but drops his knife as his hand hits the top part of the door. I stop crying for a second and pick up the knife. Then I suddenly remember how Simba from the Lion King was getting attacked by hyenas and he started attempting to threaten them by roaring.

Well I decided that might not be a bad idea, and I remember a swear word i heard from this 5th grader in my school. In my strongest, booming voice I yell, “FU*K OFF” and point the knife at him, making it seem like I was about to throw it. He quickly runs off, and I throw the knife out of the window.

Mom returns, and sees blood on the door, and I quickly start shooting words out of mouth about what happened. Called the police, tried to describe the suspect but all I could manage to say was that he looked homeless.


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