“What time you getting here?”

I said, as I called my brother for the third time tonight. The boredom of being stuck inside at the weekend sinking in. I had been alone a lot recently after tearing my meniscus a week prior.

“I’ll be there soon man. I will pick up some beers on the way.”

“Alright hurry up, I am going insane here all alone”

I put down the phone and hobbled over to the couch to browse the endless shows available to me, while simultaneously complaining that there was nothing to watch. I eventually settled on a comedy show that I had seen countless times before. It was just background noise until my brother arrived.

He had been good at visiting me since this all happened. My friends were far too busy getting drunk and living for the weekend, at one of the three run down bars in town. I can’t say I blamed them, I would be doing the same if I could. I was also in a foul mood recently and there’s only so much torn meniscus complaining one person can take.

I fidgeted around looking for anything to keep my mind occupied while the show played in the background. The lack of any interaction with the outside world had been slowly draining me of any life.

I finally settled down when I heard a knock at the front door. I had told my brother that I had left the backdoor unlocked. He always used the backdoor as it was more accessible when walking. There was an alleyway that connected to the back that was a shortcut. The only time people used the front door was when parking out the front, but he did not drive.

The knocking was rhythmic and constant. I pulled myself off of the couch and slowly headed towards the door, cursing with every step. I eventually reached the hallway and leant against the wall to take a short breather. I heard my brothers voice telling me to let him in. It was more monotone and robotic than usual. He was just repeating the same phrase over and over again.

“Please let me in”.

It was like a record stuck on repeat. I shouted at him to wait a second, fighting through the shooting pain in my knee, as I moved towards the door. I reached the front door but something felt off. He had repeated the same phrase around ten times since I first heard him. There was a raspy cough after each time he spoke, as if it were a recording. It sounded the same each time. He spoke, he coughed, then there was around a five second break before he repeated it again.

I told myself I was being ridiculous, but I could not shake off the feeling that something was wrong. I asked a question through the door, but received the same robotic response. I looked through the peephole and saw someone standing with their back to me. They were much taller than my brother. I could not make out much in the dark. I moved towards the living room window and went to pull back the curtains when my phone began to buzz. It made me jump out of my skin and my nerves were not settled when I looked at the screen. It was my brother calling.

“Hello?” I timidly said.

“Hey bro. Sorry just got to the shop. You want any snacks?”

“That’s not you outside?”

“What you on about? I’ll be there in a couple of minutes. I’ll just get whatever.”

I attempted to get out another word, but he hung up before I could speak again. I stumbled back on to the couch, hands trembling, forcing me to drop my phone on to the floor.

I could still hear that same voice over and over outside of the front of the house. It was almost identical to my brothers voice, other than the lack of any emotion at all. I sat there staring off in to the distance for the next few minutes, hoping that this was all just a prank.

I heard the back door swing open and hit in to the cupboards in the kitchen. I heard my brother announcing himself off in the distance. I dragged myself off of the couch and slowly moved back towards the hallway. I exited the living room and saw my brother standing at the other side of the hallway. He had concern wrapped around his face, as he stood there in silence.

“Who is that at the front door?” he said, as he dropped the bag he was holding to the floor.

“I thought it was you…” I said, as I pushed myself along the wall, moving myself further away from the front door.

He eventually snapped out of his trance and began helping me towards the back door. Once we reached the backdoor we stopped in our tracks. Through the panel of glass I could see another dark figure. It was mimicking the same phrase over and over again in my brothers voice.

“What the hell is going on? Are you bored and pranking me?” my brother said with half anger and half fear in his voice.

“No. I don’t know anything more than you do.” I said glancing over at my brother.

“But that’s me… I mean… it sounds just like me”

We have been sitting here for over an hour now. The voices seem to become more enchanting by the second. I attempted to call the police, but all I get is static. The texts I have attempted to send have all failed. I am not sure if this will get through here.

I looked out of the window a moment ago, to attempt to get a better look at the figure. I could not see much of anything. It felt as though no matter where I looked, it always had its back to me. I did notice something else though. There are dark figures standing outside of the houses all the way down my street. I can vaguely hear the figures mimicking other voices.

They are not outside of every house. Some of the houses do not have a figure standing outside.

Those houses have their front doors wide open.

(PART 2)

I was completely oblivious to the world around me on the way back from my boyfriends house. I had stayed overnight and the silence that surrounded me, allowed me to get lost in my thoughts. I thought about how things would all work out after all. I did not realise at the time just how silent everything was.

The door was wide open when I got home. It did not really perturb me much, as I figured my parents had just forgotten to close it. I was in a pretty care-free mood and nothing bad ever happens around here. I shouted a quick hello in to the house and then went straight up to my bedroom, to call my best friend. I could not wait to tell her that I was back with Brandon. He cheated on me, but so what, people can change.

I attempted to call her, but my phone seemed to be on the fritz. I could just hear static on the other end. I went online for a little while and began reading some of the stories on this sub-reddit. I had become addicted ever since one of my neighbours recommended it to me, after hearing I had a love for all things horror.

I was reading through the stories when one of them hit a chord with me. It was not much at this point. The door being open when I got home, could easily just be attributed to my parents not being very mindful. We live in a safe neighbourhood and a lot of people leave their doors unlocked. The phone only being able to hear static on the other end. That began to bother me a little, as my texts were also failing to send.

I felt a sense of unease that I could not shake, so I created an account and sent over a message to the original poster. I gave my full name and a vague location. I also mentioned the bizarre similarities. I laughed a little at myself after sending it, for panicking over minor coincidental details.

I checked back a little while later and I had not received a response. I felt a sense of relief course through me. The silence that surrounded me was still putting me a little on edge. I called out downstairs, but received no response. I realised I had been so wrapped up in my love life, when I first entered the house, that I could not remember if my parents initially responded. They barely ever left the house in the evenings.

I opened my bedroom door and listened for any sounds, but there was nothing. The silence was deafening. I slowly walked downstairs and was met with instant relief, as I saw my parents sitting on the couch in the living room.

I let out a huge sigh of relief and chuckled to myself a little. I announced my presence, as I went to walk past them, towards the kitchen. They responded almost immediately and it caught me off guard a little.

They both turned to face me simultaneously, smiling a smile that was far too wide. They did not look particularly happy to see me. Their teeth were clenched and their eyes were sullen and deep set. The smile felt all too false, as if they were learning to smile for the first time. The position of the smile rapidly changing. Their cheeks looking like they were in a constant spasm.


They said, simultaneously. It was them speaking, but it was different. There was none of the usual inflections in their voices. The jolly way that my father spoke was replaced with, well, nothing. There was no emotion at all, it was completely deadpan.

I asked them if they wanted anything from the kitchen. They both looked at each other for a moment as if they were silently communicating. It looked as if they were attempting to convey, to each other, an appropriate response. They then turned back to me once again, and in the same lifeless way as before, they said, “Hello”.

I kept the gaze for a little while, until it had begun to unsettle me. I told them to knock it off, but there was no humour in their faces. Their gazes never left mine the entire time I backed away. Their smiles never faltering. I smiled back, to not cause alarm, holding back tears. I knew something was wrong now.

I quickly retreated back to my bedroom and locked the door. I sat there for a moment in a mild panic. I attempted to convince myself that there was something else happening, but nothing else made sense. I checked reddit again and I had a new message.

“Do not open the door. Do not let them in. This is James Richards from number 36. Are you alone?”.

I began to feel my breathing become heavier as I read that name. He was the one who introduced me to this sub-reddit. I quickly wrote out a response telling him the situation in full. He must have been refreshing the page, as his response was almost immediate.

“You need to get out of there. Someone managed to get through to the police earlier. I felt a wave of relief when they pulled up. The figures had disappeared once the sun rose. The moment the police exited their vehicles, they appeared again, out of the shadows. Something I can not explain happened. Them things, they entered them, and the police, they changed.

One of the police officers is outside of the front of our house now. He looks mindless, and has that same contrived smile you described. He is speaking in my brothers voice. You need to get out of that house. There’s no one out the back at the moment. I am not sure if you can make it over here, but if you can, then run.”

I closed my eyes for a moment and attempted to calm my breathing. This all had to be a nightmare. Then I heard a knock at my bedroom door, followed by two voices I was more than familiar with. It was my mother and father, with them same monotone voices. This time, it was a version of a phrase I had dreaded hearing.

“Please let us in”

Speak, cough, repeat. It was the same pattern. I moved over towards the window and looked outside. Most of the houses doors were now wide open. The remaining houses, either had dark figures standing outside, or my neighbours. Well, whatever was left of them.

I leaned out of the window and noticed the policeman outside of James’s house. I could not see the back of the house from my bedroom. I climbed out of the window on to the roof of the porch. I had done this many times before, to see Brandon late at night. I could still hear my parents repeating the same phrase over and over again, from outside of my bedroom door.

I steadied myself on the roof, ready to jump down, when I saw one of my neighbours moving towards me. He was following the same pattern. Staring up towards me, while repeating, “Hello”, every few seconds.

I jumped down, hurting my ankle in the process. I narrowly escaped his grasp as he lunged out towards me. I ran through the side gate, leading to our back garden. The alleyway connected the back gardens of all of the houses on this side of the street. I ran down the alleyway, checking behind me every few steps. I heard an array of different voices as I passed the other houses. The pattern was the same, the voices were different.

I eventually reached the gate behind James’s house. I thought about continuing to run, but I had no idea how far this virus stretched. I pushed the gate open and cautiously moved in to the backyard. I could not see anything lurking in the shadows, so I ran towards the door. I screamed the house down as I began banging against the door. It took quite a lot of convincing, but they eventually believed that it was actually me. I saw my mother approaching from behind me as I entered. The way she moved was almost mechanical in nature. She stumbled every few steps, and her head bobbed from side to side.

I do not think I have realised the gravity of this situation yet. I am still in shock and had a million questions to ask when I saw them. They did not respond much. They look a lot worse than I do. James has not really spoke much since I arrived and his brother keeps shouting at the man at the front door, asking him what he wants. I think they are losing it a little.

I can hear my mother and father outside of the back door. It sounds more like them, with every passing minute. The speech pattern is the same, but every so often, I can hear the calmness in my mothers voice return. They will occasionally break the pattern and add my name.

“Katie, please let us in”

It sounds more and more like them each time they speak. I am not sure if a part of her is still in there, or they are learning to better manipulate and mimic. I have been up all night and I need to sleep. I can feel my eyes getting heavier as I write this.

Speak, cough, repeat.

If you receive a knock at your door and something feels off.

Do not let them in.

(PART 3)

Katie stayed over at my house two nights ago. We had a pretty messy break up and we had finally managed to rekindle things.

She left mine early in the morning and I have not heard from her since. I understand that it is quite soon to be worrying, but we text each other constantly. She has not replied to any of my text messages and my calls go straight through to her voicemail.

Her social media accounts have not been active either. Katie is the type of person who posts about everything, no matter how insignificant. I attempted to contact her friends, but have not received any responses. They do not like me much and that could why they are not responding.

I have tried everything to try and get ahold of her. I even called her landline. I was always told I was strictly forbidden to do so, but I am worried. Her mother absolutely despised me after we broke up. I made some huge mistakes which I am trying to atone for. It was strange that she seemed to have no real anger towards me on the phone. There was not much of anything in her voice.

I had prayed that she would not pick up. The phone rang a few times before she answered.

“Katie… Is that you Katie?” I said as I heard faint, raspy breathing, on the other end of the line.


It was Katie’s mother. I took a deep breath and continued.

“Hello, this is Brandon, Katie’s…”

I nervously muttered out before being cut off mid sentence.


“Oh… Erm… Hi Mrs Peters… Is Katie there?”

My voice breaking a little in between words.


She said again, in the same monotonous way as before. I figured she was just pretending she could not hear me. I would prefer she was angry at me, rather than just flat out ignore me.

“Hello, can you hear me?”

I said attempting to break through whatever barrier we had between us. I knew she could hear me. It was not the type of, “Hello”, when you are calling out to someone. It was just a flat, emotionlessly, “Hello”.

“Please let me in” she said.

“Sorry, what did you say? Is everything okay” I said slightly concerned and confused.

“Katie. Here. Safe. Come.”

Then the phone went dead. I tried to call back but it would not connect.

The way she spoke disturbed me a little. It sounded like her, but different. The words were spoken separately and there was no emotion at all in her voice. I would have at least expected a little bit of anger, after all the crap I put her daughter through.

She did sound unwell though, so that might have been it. She was coughing after every word she spoke. I also think that I heard her father in the background. I could swear that I faintly heard him repeating everything she said. I am not sure. I am probably going insane.

I decided I had to go over to her house. I dreaded the encounter with her parents. I was pretty terrified of what they would say to me. I arrived at her street a little while ago. It was eerily silent other than a few people that were strangely knocking on doors. There was a man with a small child knocking on the door next to my girlfriends house. The young boy was throwing a red ball in the air with no real joy. He was just doing it on a loop, on the spot. The man next to him was knocking on the door, repeating, “Hello”, over and over again.

The front door to my girlfriends house was open. I noticed that quite a lot of the other houses also had there front doors open. I shouted in to the house but received no response. I did not want to enter without permission, but the guy and his creepy kid were freaking me out a little.

I closed the door behind me and searched every room in the house. There is nobody here. The door to my girlfriends bedroom was locked from the inside. I shouted out to her, but could not hear anyone in there. I eventually managed to get the door open and the room is empty. The window is wide open though.

Her laptop was on the bed and this page was on the screen. I had heard of it before, as she had told me about it. She always had a fascination with horror and she loved the stories and community here at NoSleep. She always tried to get me in to it, but it was not really my thing. I figured it was worth a shot reaching out here. I know it’s a long shot, but I am a bit out of options at the moment. Her full name is, Katie Peters. I am not sure if any of you know her at all. This is the last thing she seemed to be looking at.

I tried to call the police, but I can not seem to get signal. I have full bars but I can only hear static when I call. That creepy kid and man started knocking on the front door a few moments ago. I can hear them saying something downstairs, but I can not quite make it out. I am too afraid to go downstairs to see what they want. I do not really want to leave while they are still there, so I am going to wait here for a while.

There are more people coming out of their homes as I write this. They look rather aimless and their movements are strange. They have all moved to the doors that are closed. They are repetitively knocking on them doors. I can hear a few people shouting from inside their houses. I can not make out exactly what they are shouting. They seem to be extremely angry though. I am not sure why they are not just answering the door to confront them.

I am pretty scared at the moment. I have never been in a situation like this before. I heard someone downstairs a minute ago. I am worried that it may be Katie’s parents. I am afraid of what they will do to me if they find me trespassing. I have locked myself in Katie’s room for now.

If you are reading this Katie, please let me know that you are safe.


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