This theory about the cartoon Rugrats proposes that Angelica Pickles has imagined all of the other babies who are characters on the show as a way to cope with them all dying in various ways.

The theory poses an intricate backstory for the other babies on the show. Angelica’s cousin Tommy was stillborn, causing his father Stu to have a breakdown. Unable to cope with the tragic loss, Stu builds toys in his basement for the son who never got the chance to live.

Chaz Finster

Tommy’s best friend, Chuckie Finster, died with his mother in a car accident in 1986. This explains the inability of his father, Chaz, to be a functional adult. Chaz usually appears to be the most paranoid and distressed character in the show.

Phil and Lil Deville, the twins, are actually figments constructed by Angelica’s imagination. The Devilles decided to have an abortion, leaving Angelica with the conundrum of whether the baby would have been male or female. She compensates both for never knowing and for her lack of a strong relationship with her mother and father, by imagining twins to fill in the void.


This theory then takes a significantly darker turn with its explanation that Angelica sees all of her companions not only owing to mental illness (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) but also from taking large, continued doses of hallucinogens. Her dependence on drugs transports her back to the world of her childhood and the children that she never actually knew. Her continued use of the drugs shields her from a cold, unfeeling world. As long as Angelica‚Äôs high, she never has to deal with the harsh realities of how her life turned out. In the “All Grown Up” segment, Angelica believes that since it has been so long since she has seen her imaginary creations, she should imagine them older.


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