Jaymie Adams, 25, reported missing after a Craigslist meetup.

In line with the police report for this case, the whole situation started with an advertisement posted on Craigslist as follows. “We are willing to let you have sex with my wife in return for a small amount of money as we require some funds for our vacation.”. However, things took a brutal turn for the worst.

On the 10th of December, 2011, Justin Dewayne Adams reported to the police that his wife, Jaymie Adams,had gone missing and went on to explain she had been prostituting herself when the suspected disappearance had taken place. Shortly after the report, he became one of the investigation’s main suspects.

Police reports show that Justin had admitted both him and his wife being swingers and that they used Craigslist as a platform to get in touch with other couples who were swingers.

After Jaymie Adams disappeared on the 9th of December, 2011, her body had not been found until almost a month later, on the 7th of January, 2012. Her body was found with 29 stab wounds located on her head, back, torso, and neck, and on top of that her jaw had been broken in 3 different places. Upon further investigation, police found that she had been 2 months pregnant at the time of the murder.

On the 27th of January, 2012, Justin was the prime suspect for his wife’s murder and thus, was arrested for both the murder of his wife as well as the unborn baby. He was charged on two counts of first degree murder.

Mugshot of Justin Adams. Adams was charged for the murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams.

“I supported my wife in her decision to prostitute herself; I helped her to publish her advertisements on Craigslist and even went as far as driving her to each of her clients as some added protection”, Justin stated. “I would never have murdered my wife, she was carrying our unborn child. The client she met with on the night of the 9th of December was the one who murdered her.”, “Neither of us were fond of how she made her money but at the time, we needed the money to survive”, Justin continued.

After already serving time for the suspected crime, new evidence had been found on the body of Justin’s wife, Jaymie, which helped the police to locate the real murderer, Joseph Richard Cyr. Because of this discovery, it was clear to the authorities that Justin was not covering up the murder of his wife but was trying to cover up the fact that they were swingers who found others through Craigslist.

Police found that the murderer of Jaymie Adams and her baby was Joseph Cyr and he was instead charged on two counts of murder, although that didn’t free Justin Adams from the criminal system. Justin was instead charged for manslaughter as he had known and allowed for his wife to continue with prostituting herself, which ultimately led to her death. Given that he had spent a fair amount of time in jail already as he had been previously being convicted of his wife’s murder, he was instead sentenced with 10 years of probation.

Mugshot of the alleged killer, Joseph Richard Cyr.

According to police reports, Jaymie Adams and Joseph had met with one another in the parking lot of a McDonald’s somewhere in the southeast of Oklahoma City. It is believed that once they met, Jaymie got into his truck with sexual intentions, presumably in exchange for money.

During a police interview, Joseph admitted that he and Jaymie had been in touch the night that she disappeared, and that they had planned to meet. However, according to his story he had denied any sexual interest in her, stating that he had no interests in that.

Once the lab report regarding the DNA evidence which had been found on Jaymie Adams’ body was issued, it showed that Joseph had in fact had sexual relations with the victim, to which he then admitted, although he adamantly continued to state that he had not murdered her. Following on from the DNA discovery, police begun to search and investigate his truck, to which they did not find any evidence which would link him to her murder.

“Upon further investigation, we have found no physical evidence which shows any indication towards a link between Joseph Cyr and Jaymie Adams’ murder”, authorities stated.

When the case went to trial, it was discovered that Joseph Cyr had been involved with several other girls who he had had sexual relations with and intentionally got them pregnant. This prompted the prosecutor to discuss the possibility that due to the fact that Cyr did not want to use any form of contraception, whilst Jaymie would have in order to protect her unborn baby, the situation may have got heated and resulted in her murder.

To top it off, it was also found that Cyr had used Jaymie’s cell phone to call around and give the impression that she was still alive after he had murdered her, thus he would have been innocent.

The case concluded with Joseph Richard Cyr receiving a life sentence without possible parole.


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