In 1954, it was a hotter year than usual for Tokyo, but for Haneda Airport it was simply business as usual. Of course, that was until one of the routine European inbound planes arrived. As the crowd of passengers made their way through the airport and one-by-one went through customs, a well-dressed and very well-presented man alerted the officials that this trip was just another of his business trips; one of the three which he had been on this year. Although the main language he spoke was French, he also spoke Japanese as well as other languages. Inside of his wallet he had several European currencies.

The situation quickly became strange after the man was asked where he was from. He told them, without any hesitation, that he was from a country between the borders of France and Spain. Toured. The customs officials were adamant about how this country did not exist, although the man proceeded to present them with a passport which had been “issued by the country of Taured”. To further the passports legitimateness, it had been stamped with the appropriate Visa stamps which proved his previous travel claims.

Officials, still baffled by this man and his origin, called up the company which this man had said he was meeting. They had no idea who the man was nor had they heard of the company which he represented. Not only that, but the hotel where the man claimed to be staying had no recognition of him booking a room with them.

Customs officials continued to question the man and had moved him into their interrogation system, asking him a range of questions, for a total of 8 hours. The man began to get tired of their pondering and confusion, although even through his irritance, he was cooperative and continued to provide them with a flawless story. He told them that he had made this same journey several times a year, for around 5 years, and yet he had never run into an issue like this. He was completely baffled by the fact that they had never heard of Taured.

The custom officials moved onto another technique. They showed the man a map and asked him to show them where Taured was located. Perhaps him calling the country Taured was an inside joke of his own, or perhaps that’s what he had grown up and believed his country to be called. The officials pointed towards “Andorra”, asking him if that was in fact the country where he was from. The man, starting to get agitated at this point, told them that Andorra was exactly where Taured is located and that the country he was proud to represent, had been around for several thousand years. Whilst custom officials were trying to figure everything out, “The Man from Taured” was kept in custody at a nearby hotel.

The next morning, this mysterious situation took a turn. The man had simply vanished from the hotel room, a room which had been protected by officials all night. To escalate matters, the documents which had been gathered by airport security (including his passport, driver’s license, and any other documents they had on him), had completely disappeared from the security room. The security team tried their best to get to the bottom of this, but never did they solve the case of the mysterious man from Taured.


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