There is no arguing that the story regarding Korena Roberts, otherwise known as the “Baby Killer”, is one of the most disturbing stories out there.

27-year-old Korena started off by placing baby clothing advertisements on Craiglist to which she quickly received a response from Heather Snively, a 21-year-old who was currently 8 months pregnant. Shortly after getting in touch with Korena, the two became close friends.

Now, this is where things really take a turn. The two arranged to meet up at Korena’s home although upon Heather arriving, she was knocked out using a police baton (and hitting her over 30 times in the process). Following this, Korena cut open Heather’s abdomen and removed the unborn foetus from inside of her.

Heather Snively

Yan Shubin, Korena Roberts’ boyfriend, returned home and found Korena covered in blood and attempting to revive the unborn child in their home. He quickly called for an ambulance, and the police quickly followed. Having already been a mother to two children, Korena told the paramedics that it was in fact her who had given birth to the baby. Further examination revealed that this was a lie and that she had not actually given birth.

The months leading up to the murder of Heather Snively, Korena Roberts had went as far as telling her neighbours that she was pregnant and even purchased items such as a baby stroller and parenting books.

Roberts was issued with a psychological examination which ultimately resulted in nothing. The hospital contacted the police who quickly arrested Roberts.

Snively’s autopsy displayed that Snively had in fact been hit between 15 and 30 times, the majority of the hits being towards the back of her head, as well as cuts on the abdomen and breast area, and to top it all off, she had bite marks located on her arm.

The medical examiner concluded that although the blows to the head were the reasoning behind her being unconscious, it was the blood loss from the incisions made which resulted in her death.

Korena Roberts during court case.

When sentenced, Robert’s was arrested on four counts of aggravated murder, two counts of first-degree robbery, and one count of murder. Upon her trial, she pleaded guilty and accepted the sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

As investigators continued their investigation, they had found that Robert’s had attempted to do this same thing before this case, although had not been successful in doing so.


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