This sign is what people see before they walk on the bridge due to the extraordinary number of dogs jumping off the bridge. Source:

Located near the village of Milton, Scotland, The Overtoun Bridge is said to be the borderline between the living and the damned. Also known as “Suicide Leap”, this bridge has claimed several lives every year and the majority of these are non-human. Designed by civil engineer, H.E. Milner, in June 1895, the bridge was a driveway to the Overtoun house.  Lord Overtoun, who lived in the mansion at the time, could no longer stand the steep road leading up to the mansion and decided it was time to build another pathway.

About 60 years later, the bridge became notorious as a suicide location for dogs. Many news articles attest to the fact that since the 1950’s, over 100 dogs have mysteriously leaped to their deaths from this bridge. Some dogs who survived jumping off the bridge were then taken back to the bridge only to jump again. This happened so frequently that locals would refer to these dogs as “second timers”. No one knows why this phenomenon occurs, but the crazy thing is, this still happens today. Just last year alone, five dogs plunged the 50 feet from the bridge to their deaths. The majority of the suicide jumps reported has occurred at the exact same spot of the bridge and usually occurs on clear, sunny days. The dogs that jump off the bridge are usually breeds with long snouts.

Photoshopped image of dog leaping to death off Overtoun Bridge. Source:

Locals claim this bridge is haunted and some who know of this reputation believe there may be something sinister convincing dogs to commit the act.  A ghostly woman, known as the White Lady, is said to be haunting the Overtoun House and has been speculated by some to have a hand in the strange activity going on, particularly as she was spotted in a window that overlooks the bridge. Some believe that the White Lady is actually Lady Overtoun, who was devastated over Lord Overtoun’s death in 1908. Lady Overtoun was seen pacing the bridge back and forth for years in her grief over the loss of her husband. This has inspired the belief that her unhappy spirit roams the bridge.

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Could Lady Overtoun’s sadness be lingering on the bridge and affecting others? Most people enter the bridge joyful claim that they felt a deep depression as soon as they get there.

Dogs are not the only entities to have fallen off the bridge. During the year of 1994, 32 year old Kevin Moy threw his newborn son off the bridge, believing the infant was the Antichrist. A few weeks after bringing the baby home from the hospital, Moy and his wife decided to go on their first outing with their child, and when they were travelling over the Overtoun Bridge, Kevin stopped the car and threw his child down to the wooden planks below. He tried to jump as well but was stopped by his wife; their son died the following day from his injuries. A court held Kevin not guilty by reason of insanity, and he was immediately placed in a mental Institution. Kevin was found to be obsessed with the number six, which is often associated with the Devil. Regarding the tragic event involving his newborn, Kevin states “I had saved the world that day from Satan”.

People who don’t believe the bridge is haunted have theorized that there may be a scientific reason causing the madness. This explanation suggests that the scent of mink on the side of the bridge may be a strong factor as this scent attracts dogs.  However, the main person behind this investigation says the reasons for the strange happenings are still open. There are now signs near the bridge that state “Dangerous Bridge… Please keep your dogs on a lead.”



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